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About Us

Epic Water Filters - About Us


EPIC WATER FILTERS have been designed by aerospace engineers to protect people from the threat of water-borne illness, and all the chemical nasties that are found in tap water. Whether you’re traveling in the developing world, or looking to filter your tap water at the gym or office, Epic Water Filters create water filtration products to fit your life.

With billions of people realizing that tap water is just not that great and deciding to drink bottled water, is putting the health of the planet at extreme risk. What the majority of people don’t realize is that even though the quality of the water in the plastic bottle may be better than the tap water, the chemicals leaching from the cheap plastic is negatively effecting their health.

We also realized that those people who are very conscious about their health and have invested in expensive home water filtration units were getting tired of having to lug gallons of filtered water around everywhere they went. How do we know that? Because that was us. Epic Water Filters was designed to look cool and improve the quality of peoples health and dramatically improve the quality of the planet.

The massive burden on the natural environment from bottled water pollution can be seen in every county in the world. Each of our 100% recyclable and replaceable filters can help you stop contributing to the plastic water bottle pollution that is damaging our planet.

Do your health and the environment an EPIC favor at the same time...