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About Us

About US

Epic Water Filters was founded by Ash Heather in April 2015. Having just moved to the US from Asia and witnessing first hand plastic bottle pollution on the beaches and in the rivers that got them thinking --  there had to be a solution to this environmental time bomb.

It started with developing a bottle with a robust filter in it, so people in countries with poor water quality could drink that water without getting sick, at the same time reducing the need for single-use plastic water bottles in those countries. With Flint, Michigan making international headlines in 2015 with its massive and unimaginable water pollution crisis, it became apparent that it was not just developing countries that had water quality problems.

It's now clear that developed countries are the worst offenders of single-use plastic bottle pollution as the citizens of these countries do not trust the quality of their municipal water, primarily due to industrial and agricultural pollutants.

The truth is that bottled water isn’t good for our bodies, our wallets, or for the planet. The faster the world realizes this--the better.

 "We’re not just about trying to sell widgets, we’re trying to make a difference."

- Ash Heather, Co-Founder, Epic Water Filters

Epic assembles its filters, bottles, pitchers and under the sink solutions, sourcing supplies from mostly US manufacturers. Made local. Sold global. But water quality is not just a problem in developing countries. Here in the United States, we can look as close as Flint, Michigan and its water pollution crisis to understand contaminated water is a growing problem everywhere. Not to mention, developed countries are actually the worst offenders of single-use plastic bottles, with many citizens not trusting their municipal water supplies.


In their own backyard, it was important for Epic to support the community they lived and worked in, and found the perfect partner in local non-profit, The Inland Ocean Coalition, which raises awareness of the impact that mircroplastics are having on our rivers and oceans.