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not much to say: it works - GREAT PRODUCT

I bought this filter for my hydroflask. I drink about 8-7 per day and I always drink water from faucets: work, public, gym...
The water now has no taste no matter where I get it from. It works perfectly.

Epic Nano Replacement Water Filters

Fabulous water system!!

Thanks Jeanette!! Nano Gen III filter will be out December 2018. Improved flow time, we are excited.
Great Customer Service! Great Bottle!

Love the bottle. Just bought a 2nd one for my husband. If they had smaller bottles, I would buy one for each of my kids. Great to know you are drinking clean water wherever you travel to.

Amazing communication

Filter is fabulous, as usual. I love having my Epic pitcher on the counter, I drink a ton of "yuck-free" water! I had inadvertently signed up twice for the filter subscription, and the communication from Epic was AMAZING! Resolution was easy, and I couldn't be happier! Customer for life. Thank you!

Amazing water filter

Love this filter! Works better than any other one I have tried. Water tastes amazing! So grateful for this product!

Epic Excellence!!!!!

We've been using the Epic Water Pitcher for about a month now and we love it! The taste is amazing & the peace of mind we have, knowing that we are now drinking such purified water, is priceless! Lifelong customers!

Thanks Joanna!! Cheers, Epic Support Team
Love My Water Bottle

I got the Eco-Tritan water bottle and love it! It is very lightweight, nice looking, and easy to drink from.

Great bottle and awesome filter

Bought this bottle for traveling abroad. Slim and easy sipping! Used it for traveling thru the airport, bike riding, hotel stays and more. Refreshing knowing everyone sip is pure. Only grip is to maybe to ask for a fill line on the bottle. Otherwise, its perfect!!

Hey Carl - thanks for the feedback. We will work on your idea for the next round.
Great bottle system

I bought "The Answer" because I had bottles already to use it with. Worked perfectly with my 32oz Nalgene bottle. Easy sipping and no leaks. I traveled with this bottle to Europe. Used it in the airport after security, on the plane, and thru-out my hotel stays. Was a great way to save money from needing to buy water and in all reality I'm drinking better water than that would even be. Two thumbs up!

Carl - thanks for the thumbs up!! We hear a lot of people love the Answer!!!
Epic water pitcher

Really delighted with my pitcher and customer service from this company. I ordered from Ireland and received my jug the same week. The water tastes fantastic. It really takes out that nasty chlorine taste that's in irish water. Will never drink tap water again!

Thanks Catherine!!!
Excellent Product & Customer Service

I couldn't be happier with my Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher. I use my filter for everything: drinking water, my dog's water & watering my plants. The only issue I've had was with my lid - unfortunately, the battery stopped working. I emailed customer service regarding my lid and I greeted with a quick response. Epic Water's Customer Service team sent me a new lid immediately. Like I said before, I couldn't be happier with the product and the customer service!

Thanks Monica - glad you are drinking clean water. Much love, Epic Support Team
Finally our water tastes right

Wouldn’t be without my Epic Water filter now. You can really taste the difference compared to water straight from the tap. And having it set up for regular replacement filters acts as a reminder to change the filter which is great.

Thanks Sheila - glad it is working out for you. Cheers, Epic Water Team
I’m sure it’s solid quality, but lack of description that it is really hard to suck from

I bought this filter for my outback stainless steel bottle, thinking why not, get the better filter for a few extra bucks. What I wasn’t expecting though is compared to the urban filter, which is what I’ve besn using, the outdoor filter is extremely hard to suck the point where it made my mouth hurt and gave me a headache. Five stars for customer service though-they sent me an urban filter right away because of my concern. They also told me the filter is better suited for a squeeze bottle because the force should assist with getting the water through without as much forceful sucking. I think they should definitely incorporate this caveat in the description for the outdoor filter. Other than that, really happy with my outback bottle, and will continue using Epic filter products.

Hey LM - sorry the Outdoor Adventure filter did not work out for you. Yes, because it removes bacteria, viruses and cysts, we have to make the filter tighter. Glad to hear you are using the Urban filter with no issues. Thanks for the feedback, Epic Support Team
Best filter ever!

Epic does everything we’ve looked for in a water filtration system. Water tastes pristine!

Water Tastes Great

We recently moved from New Hampshire (clean well water) to Madison WI (crummy city water) and I could *NOT* drink the tap water. We were hauling jugs from a filter-source at the store; quite a hassle. Enter the Epic. WOOT! Easy to fill the pitcher from the tap, and the water tastes better and seems cleaner (based on residue in the containers) than the filtered stuff from the store. Less hassle, easier to handle, better tasting water, and great customer service.

Customer service

Super nice people, send us a replacement part quickly without any charge after we moved. Thank you.

Grateful for the quality water and the personal touch

We replaced our dated RO system with an Epic water filter and love it. Getting rid of the RO system was a much bigger job than installing the Epic filter. Instructions and web site support information was first rate. Also, the flow rate is very good as is the taste of the water. The thank you card included in the product was a lovely personal touch by founder Ash Heather. Nice to see such civility these days.

Margaret - thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. - Ash
Remarkably well engineered and effective

I am very pleased with the design and quality of the Epic products. I have 3 different designs in my household now, 1) the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher, 2) the Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle, and my favorite 3) the Escape Glass Filtered Water Bottle. Each has its own unique merits and place. I have had one incident requiring customer service. Their response was immediate and directly solved the problem. I am new to Epic, and anticipate becoming a long term customer.

I love the concept of the design but, unfortunately not suitable for travel lifestyle or accident prone people. My girlfriend broke her plastic cap the first week she had it and says she prefers the squeeze feature of The Olympian bottle better.

Hey Krystal - sorry you broke your lid. Can we send you a 'Easy Sip Lid' to replace your broken 'Safeguard Lid' on the Eco-Tritan bottle? Everyone has there own preferences. :)
Escape Glass Water Bottle

I absolutely love this water bottle! The cool grey color is fabulous & I love it's made with clean materials!

Thanks Kristy!!!

Epic Pure Replacement Filter

Money well spent

I am very happy with my Epic water pitcher and filters as I can almost instantly obtain pure drinking water straight from the tap. The filter works well and quickly so that fresh water is available when I need it. Epic water filters have saved me the hassle of purchasing and lugging bottled water from the shops, and subsequently have stopped the resulting plastic waste.

Epic water filters

Love this product.

Fast delivery

I have used the water filter for almost a year now and I am really happy about the super fast delivery of my quarterly replacement filter orders.

THE ANSWER | HYDRO FLASK Compatible Water Bottle Filter System