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Highly suggest! Definitely worth purchasing!!


The nano filter is really good!

Great bottle

This is a great bottle to buy. The only reason why I am leaving four starts is because it can break easily but if you are careful... the bottle looks nice and the taste of this filters are great in my opinion. I love it!


Epic as always

Used these for years never ever had a bad thing to say. Get it bought ! Epic water tastes great !

That is some quality H2O!

No complaints. My dad gifted on to us to cut back on our bottled water. I wasn't aware of prices or anything. And we like it so much we don't even miss our usual abundant weekly recycling

Epic Water Filter

Very pleased, easy to use and no more heavy bottles of water to buy and carry.

I like it very much

great taste

I have used Brita filters for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the first batch of water from my Epic filter. It tasted way better than the Brita water, which I had been drinking just a few minutes earlier. I also appreciate the fluoride filtering. Water in my city is quite good to start with, but is heavily chlorinated and fluoridated during the treatment process.

Best on the market

Love these filters lightweight storable refills


I had been having trouble drinking out of my water bottle for sometime and finally wrote to epic about the problem. I was sent a replacement top, straw and filter and low and behold it was the previous filter at fault. Epic truly help their customes and the service is quick, efficient and speedy. I love it.


Filters quickly, apparently works well...don't have a clue how many little buggie things are being filtered out, just a guess, but it's lovely and I'm liking the thought of the bad stuff being filtered out.

Good Stuff

Water tastes great, Jug is nice and big, Drains water quickly. Good stuff

Good filter

Good filtration. Water tastes great. Easy to drink through straw.

I like the faster drip rate of the new nano filter.


You custom made an epic outdoor filter for my 48oz. Nalgene water bottle thank you so much.


Thanks for the replacement.

Good filter

I have been using this water pitcher filter for a year and its the only water (besides certain bottled water) for drinking and to make our tea or coffee.

Good customer support

I did ask few questions and customer support is prompt. I really do like the fluoride free water and already recommended a few friends.

Love this filter.

No more film and scale on my coffee machine. Also, no taste to my water. I am not usually a water drinker, because if I pick any kind of taste, I just won't drink it. I worked at a company for years that had water fountains in every location. The water always had a "taste" that wasn't really a bad taste but I would not drink it. After many years it was discovered that there were chemical contaminates in the aquafer that the water was coming from and many, many people were being diagnosed with cancer. They all drank from those fountains regularly each day. Thank God I wasn't one of them.


Love Epic water filter, use it for making coffee as well as drinking water. Well worth the money to not drink chemicals.

Love these filters!

I tried this filter when I was looking for a replacement for my old Brita filtering system. In doing my research, I quickly came to realize that most water filters out there don't actually filter much of anything! While the Epic Water Filters were much more expensive than I was used to paying, I was sold when I saw that they filter pesticides and chemicals. I've never looked back. The water tastes amazing and I feel better knowing that the filter is actually filtering out the things I don't want, like heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. The first couple pitchers DO take about ten minutes to filter, but after that, the filtering process speeds up a little. I never feel like I'm waiting for it to finish before I can pour myself a glass of water. I drink about a gallon of water daily, so it gets a lot of use here. I'm a very happy customer!


We absolutely LOVE our Epic Water Filter! The customer service has been absolutely outstanding and the water filter club has made our lives so much simpler! We actually look forward to getting our replacement filter every us crazy but who doesn't love CLEAN water!?

Love this!

I love our Epic!! If you are looking to purchase something that will help to filter your tapwater, this is for you!

Love these products

I have 3 nano pitchers, several ultimate water bottles, and I have recommended epic water to my friends. Need I say more?