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Great product and customer service

We used epic filter water bottles on our trip to Morocco and Spain. We used the tap water to fill our bottles and we did not get sick or have any GI problems while using the filters. We had an issue with one filter and Epic replaced it without any problems. Thank you!

Convenient and Money Saver!

Best purchase ever! So convenient to be able to drink filtered water that tastes so refreshing from any water faucet. It is so easy to drink out of my Epic Water Bottle too! My daughter, who also loves hers, is ordering one for her dad as a Father’s Day Gift! No more plastic bottles for us!

H20 Yeah

This filter is awesome. You want to talk about water that taste like water and not all the additives the water company adds to it. This filter will do the job.


I am so pleased with my Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher! Practically the only liquid I consume is water, and now that it’s filtered, it tastes great and is helping me more than ever before. I’m so thankful that I found your company online. Your product and customer service are tremendous! Thank you so much 😊

Great water filter!

I recently bought a pitcher/filter & it is a vast improvement to the useless brita pitcher I had for years (that I was not aware of the fact that it didn't filter much of Anything!). I was also happy to be buying a real water filter from a local business in the same state I live in, Colorado.

Mark from Oakland

Did a lot of reading before choosing this system. My wife and I find this is a good fit for just the two of us. No installation, no new faucet, no stress! My wife had stopped drinking tap water & was only drinking bottled water. We enjoy the taste of our new filtered water and are drinking more water. We keep a pitcher with filtered water along with our filter pitcher close by.

Love my filter!

Our water tastes soooo clean and crisp, now!! Absolutely LOVE having instant, clean, healthy water, right out of my tap, any time I want/need it!! No pitchers, no filling and re-filling.... It’s AMAZING!!! My only criticism (and the reason that I didn’t give five stars) is that I have no way of knowing when the filter is used up and no longer operating at optimal capacity. Sure wish that I did!

Great Product, Amazing Customer Service!

We purchased two of the Outback Stainless Steel Water bottles before our trip to Maui. I didn't want plastic and wanted to be able to filter both the tap water during the trip and have the ability to switch to the outdoor filter while hiking if needed. Couldn't be happier with the filters/bottles/taste of water. My husband is still using his bottle at home everyday, not just when we go out.
I lost the rubber bottom in Maui (I think the rental car cup holder popped it off), emailed the Epic support team and received a response in less than an hour. They're sending me a replacement for free immediately. I'm blown away by this quick response and fast replacement service!!! Very impressive product/company/customer service - 5 stars!!!

Clean water! Simply done.

I am sensitive to fluoride, and epic filters makes it easy to drink fluoride-free water at work! I am so happy I found you, epic water! I’m telling all my friends!

Epic Smart Shield w/ Dedicated Faucet


I had gotten a bottle in the mail broken and Epic Water Filters went out of their way to send me a new bottle. I love that it is glass and I can get filtered water anywhere.

Awesome product

I have the epicwater glass bottle and large pitcher. They are great! Water tastes amazing. I will never go back to drinking regular water.

The Escape | Glass Water Bottle

Pure Water 65

The Epic Way for clean and pure water is the best for daily hydration!


Really love the taste of the water from the filter and that it filters so many bad things in the drinking water! Recently purchased a second water pitcher for my parents!

Great if it never falls

We got 2 and love(d) them! Love how easy and safe it is to get water anywhere. Unfortunately, one of ours slipped while being filled and cracked everywhere despite being in the silicone sleeve, and the other fell out of my bag when my toddler grabbed for it; the lid no longer fits right and leaks now.

Clean water

Was really impressed with the products and professionalism of staff in getting my order together and out in a timely manner. Just in time for an off grid adventure. Filters worked as advertised. Water wasn’t always suspect but we were glad to have protection. None of us got sick!! Good stuff.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher | Navy Blue | Removes Fluoride

Easy as pie once I got the right connector!

Very nice system and super easy to set up as long as you have the right stuff under the sink I have straight pex so I had to buy a separate piece to hook it together but now I use it for just about everything! And the water tastes great!! Already enrolled in the filter club! So I can always guarantee great tasting water!

Solid filter

Just got it working today, everything fits great. Water flow is slow and takes a lot of suction but nothing crazy. Just don't expect huge gulps.
I haven't tested any questionable water through it, so I can't speak to that end. It does make my standard water taste a little more like my RO water and a little less like regular tap, for what it's worth. When I trek in SA later this year, if I don't get sick from the water down there running it through this filter...then this is a 5 star no questions
The company is great! I had a 48oz nalgene and the straw was too short since it is made for a 32oz bottle. I had pre checked the cap sizes and knew it'd fit but didn't count on the short straw. Contacted CS and they sent me out 2 longer straws the same day. Can't beat it, will buy from them again!

Love My Epic Water Filter

I did a lot of research before choosing to purchase the stainless steel version of the Epic Water portable water bottle and am completely satisfied with it.. I love everything about the design including the color, shape, size, easy flip top cap and spigot, the skid proof bottom and MOST of all, that it eliminates 99.9% of contaminants. I'm so happy to have a way to eliminate drinking chlorine and especially fluoride. I didn't realize there was a company out there that had figured out a solution to this problem. Thanks Epic Water! I will be purchasing the pitcher version in the near future.

They fixed it

My shipping address got messed up, probably my fault, so I called them and they got it shipped to the right address free of charge. They were super receptive and friendly. I enjoy doing business with them and am happy I signed up for the renewal program for the filters to get that discount. Such a good deal. Also started with the Pure filter and they said I could use the Nano filter with the same pitcher so I will give that a try next.

Best water bottle

I’m so happy I purchased this water bottle . The filter allows me to drink water more often , for example from the water filter at work ( which is a mediocre filter that doesn’t filter out things like fluoride and lead) a healthier way to be and SO much better for our environment as it keeps me from using plastic water bottles. I highly recommend, the filter water from this bottle also tastes clean!

I love my EPIC pitcher and filters


We have used all kinds of filters, big ones where water comes into the house, reverse osmosis under the sink, filters in the refrigerator and nothing has made water taste better than Epic. A friend of ours who travels a lot told us about it and we have never looked back. We are hooked.