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Tastes great!

The filter lasts a long time. Easy to use! Water tastes great!

Love my epic pitcher!

What a difference in the taste of my water! No more recycling all those plastic bottles!

Great product and great service

Works and the water tastes good!

I can not imagine how it could be better

The technology this product uses is superior to every other product I tested in the past. Could not be easier to use and makes an exceptional difference to every kitchen

Worth the cost

Epic water products are pricey but I believe it’s well worth it. I haven’t drunk tap water for years and I stopped buying bottled mineral water because of all the plastic waste.
On one occasion, (just one) I didn’t have enough filtered water for my morning coffee so I boiled tap water in my stove top jug...(I hate kettles) and my coffee actually tasted rank. Later that morning I used the filtered water for another coffee and it tasted lovely (normal).
What I’m saying is. You actually taste the difference. So, look after you health and buy this product.

:raised_hands::skin-tone-4: We love hearing this! Brewing coffee is forever changed when you factor in the quality of your water! A lovely little club we're in, thank you so much for being such an awesome member of our Epic Family :blush:

I’ve had mine for 6 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. You really can taste the difference. I love the peace of mind this filter allows me. Thanks!!!

Love it so far!

I suspected that dirty rap water was causing chronic nausea. Since I've been using this filter and pitcher, my symptoms have been mostly eliminated. Great tasting water and, from what I can tell do far, a high quality product. I already ordered their travel water bottle with filter so I can have clean water everywhere I go. I will tell others about Epic!

Love it

I love these filter bottles!


We've had this filter for a month and really like it. Set up was easy enough, but then we have had experience with under-the-counter filters before. This filter replaced a different brand that was starting to leak. No leaks with this filter at all. Water pressure, surprisingly, is barely diminished. Water taste is great. This filter is a big boy, and we found it best to install it near the front of the cabinet rather than trying to get it behind the existing plumbing. So far, so good, and we are very happy we chose this excellent filter. The list of what it filters is impressive. We use this as our main kitchen sink filter and love that our cooking water is now filtered too. For drinking water, we use water that has come through this filter and put it into an Aquagear pitcher to remove flouride as well. It's a great combination. Because the water has been filtered once with this filter, it flies through the Aquagear pitcher. A big thumbs up from us for the Epic filter!

Great water filter

This filtered water is crystal clear. Tastes great!

Amazing water filter !

Started using it 6 months ago and can definitely recommend to you all. Have done a little experiment to let the juice go through the filter and came out clear water ! Really pleased with my purchase.

Fantastic Home Filter - Easy to install!

I've had my Epic Smart Shield installed since November (7 months now) and the filter is still doing a bang-up job of keeping my city water clean, tasting good. Water pressure is still good but dropping a bit, I'm guessing it's time to order up another filter.

The kit is super easy to install, even if your hands are all thumbs. Highly recommended!

We love hearing this because we know how powerful our smart shield filters are! IF you are loosing a little water pressure then you might be getting close to a change (Range is around 6-10 months depending on usage) All in all we are thrilled hearing how happy you are with your product and thank you for being a part of the Epic Family!
Effective water purifier

This is a very good water purifier from what I can experience. It seems to make regular tap water much more palatable and enjoyable to the taste buds. Will see how it does on the long run—since we have very hard water in our area.

Epic Water Bottle

I travel for work worldwide and always know with my Epic water bottle no issues to stay well hydrated with clean water.

Best tasting water

The Epic water counter pitcher fits my budget and provides the best tasting water I have found. Thank you for a quality product.

Using it 6 month now,

Using it 6 month now, seems ok.

Excellent Product

I bought this as a present as I already have one for myself and am so happy with how my water tastes now. The epic water filter clearly does what it says by removing the impurities. I would recommend.

Terrific Product

I am so pleased with my purchase of the Nano water filter pitcher and the Epic Company. Here a few of my many reasons why (in no particular order). Female founder, American made, 100% lifetime guarantee, bacteria filter, phenomenonal pollutant removal, support for Inland Ocean Coalition, recyclable filter, design of pitcher, TASTE of filtered water. As for the slow filter rate, I much prefer quality over quantity.

Delicious water & peace of mind

We were looking for a great water filter and we found it!! The water tastes delicious and makes our espresso taste even better :) I was researching online for an easy to use water filter to remove chlorine and flouride. It’s clear that a lot of care went into making this product and I’m really impressed with how they’ve taken all the customer reviews into consideration and improved the product. My husband is always telling me to drink more water and now I am because I have peace of mind:) very happy customer!! :)

Love My Epic Pitcher!

I searched the internet extensively looking for a water filter system that would remove chromium 6 (Erin Brockovich) and Epic was the only one I could find that actually listed it as one of the contaminants they remove. I have been using my Epic pitcher for almost a year now and I couldn't be happier with it!

Water filter pitcher

Great tasting water

Everyone notices the difference

This water filter is really good, everyone has noticed the difference in the taste.

The Only Water I've Drank in 2 Years

I first bought Epic Water Bottles for myself and my husband when we traveled to Thailand 2 years ago. These water bottles work incredibly well and the new styles look great. The travel filters have been tested in unclean water all over the world (Thailand, Africa, rural islands near Europe, Tahiti, South America, Mexico, and Tokyo). Since our initial purchase, we have bought over 15 water bottles for family and friends. When my graduate school class was intrigued by this water bottle I carry with me no matter what, I explained how Epic Water Filters were different than just your standard Brita filter. Now, it's awesome to sit in class and see the array of Epic Water Bottles on my classmates desks. We just recently bought the Epic Water Pitcher to use at home and are equally pleased with it. I haven't drank a sip of water from anything other than my epic bottle in over 2 years!

Best purchase yet!

Having had many water pitchers over the years, I was finally excited to find one that took so many contaminants out that was reasonably priced and a good size pitcher but not too big. It has a good ergonomic design for hand and pouring. I also really like the water opening with thumb flip top versus automatic water pressure opening - much cleaner this way. It also pours great.
It doesn't fill as fast as other types but appreciate the trade off in getting more contaminants out. Will take this trade off gladly.
The taste is the cleanest I ever had, amazing when chemicals are really out!
The only issue Is I could not get the filter timer to work but just marked it on calendar to know when to change filter.