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Great product!

Love the bottle. It’s made of good quality and very convenient to carry with the size. Justice dive to the description and hope to see some benefits from the water quality soon

You should of bought this awhile ago...

Great company. Fair prices and fast shipping. Customer service is top notch.
I had a small problem with my bottle and they send replacements without me even asking. Strongly recommend and also am drinking more water daily!

Epic Water bottle

Love it. We are unsure of the water at work. My brother told me to get one of yours. One of my coworker's just got one too. Makes me feel better. Thanks.

pure drinking water

After buying an Epic filter im assured that I did the best to provide the most pure drinking water possible for my family


I'm really enjoying my Outdoor Hydro Flask. It's perfect for everyday use. It was a great purchasing experience, I will definitely keep this in mind for a future gift for my brother!

Great product

Bought 3 replacement filters already- each time, delivery was fast and so far, have not experienced any problems. Love the helpful info sheet on cleaning the filter that’s included in the box, now laminated (must have known I was splashing the old paper one with water!) i converted my bf onto this water and he loves the taste! I’m pretty confident that it’s doing what it says it does on the box, so have no reason to complain- perhaps to really feel confident in the product I’d need to test the quality of the water myself but for now I’m trusting the team at epic water.. I’m now Really proud to be on the direct debit scheme, highly recommend this product!

Awful! Doesn’t work. I feel duped.

I was so excited to get my pitcher. Less excited when my TDS meter showed NO difference between water that had been filtered and regular tap water. Even less excited when I unscrewed the filter to make sure everything looked okay and the entire plastic housing on the pitcher cracked! I wish I could get my money back and I will never recommend this to anyone.


I love Epic! I have been using their products for over a year now and they never disappoint. The staff are great and the products are superior to any water filter I have used before. I have bought these for lots of friends and family and the love them too. I am using them in Spain and the UK where normally I don’t drink the tap water (the latter has Flouride). I highly recommend this brand. Try them and see.

Absolutely loveeee my Epic@

I love that there is a filter to add to my nalgene. It works great. Thank you!


Since I have been using their products, I needed to change the lid when they updated the filter, then Jason sent me the lid accessory box free of charge! Always quick response! What a company! I was going to purchase from them since they are just started a company, but Jason refused me to pay. Wonderful company, wonderful products, wonderful people in this company. I will stick with them as long as they are stay in the business.

Great product

This has been a great buy. You can taste the difference.

Perfect for work.

I use it to filter water when I drink out of the water fountain at work. Sips easily with no problems.

The NEW NANO filters are super fast compared to the older version! WOW

We now feel comfortable drinking the water from our own well knowing that EPIC NANO filters are on duty. The taste is really great and the water actually feels cleaner than ever before! Thanks EPIC for a great product!

Epic Pure Replacement Filter

Great water pitcher filter

We have PFOS in our water here in NC and this pitcher filters 99.9% of all contaminants-great value for the money-we are safe

Epic Pitcher

Great pitcher and filter, definitely works!

Great Tasting Water Is The Bonus!

We have used water filtering systems in the past, both in-line and pitchers, but the Epic filtered water gives us by far the best tasting drinking water we have ever had. We live in the Ohio Valley and our water comes from the Ohio River. Knowing that this filter is so efficient at removing contaminates is the main reason we bought the filter. Having great tasting water was the bonus. I never knew it was possible to have pure tasting water like this. Thank you!

Great filter and equally great service

I bought this filter through Amazon and when I did I mistakenly bought the filter for the 32 oz hydro flask instead of the 40 oz. The only difference between the two is the length of the straw. I only realized my mistake once the filter arrived. I emailed the company about my issue and they quickly replied and sent me a longer straw to match the size of my 40 oz bottle as well as a really nice sticker, free of charge. I was really impressed with their customer service. The filter is just as great. They work perfectly and the straw and filter are easily detachable so you can clean them easily but they won't come apart when you are out and about using it. The water at my university tastes a lot like metal but once I began using my water bottle with the filter the metallic taste is no longer there and the water actually tastes good now. The caps that come with the filter also work really good and are better made than the name brand hydro flask sports cap as I have one and these have a rubber cover on the bite valve making it more comfortable to drink water than with the hydro flask cap. Also when drinking water you can barely even tell you are using a filter. In all I am very happy with this product and will continue to purchase the filter replacements once these run out.

Definitely “The Answer!”

It really is “The Answer!” I have been using the urban version with my Nalgene bottle everyday. The water flows through the filter and mouth piece surprisingly well! I thought it would take a lot more effort than it does. My wife just bought hers as well and we are now both enjoying safe and great tasting water! Thank you

I am thankful for a water filter that removes so many contaminates from our well water.


This is the perfect solution for water needs when all you have is a water fountain. It fits perfect in the bottle and so far it has been working great. Thank you for this quick fix to clean water.


I love Epic products, but unfortunately I haven't been able to try it yet.But look great and very promising.

Epicwater Filters Pitcher And Replacement Nano-filter

Right off the bat the ergonomics of this pitcher is superior to the pur and zerowater ones I have previously owned and I prefer the epicwater pitcher over brita too. The lid stays on even while pouring water into glasses, cups, water bottles, etc. The opening on top of the lid to fill the water basin is pretty cool as this makes things even more convenient. I find the water quality to be excellent to say the least. The water looks very clear and clean and tastes very clean. As someone who drinks 100oz of water every day this is great to have water this clean. So far the filter has outperformed brita, pur, and zerowater in my opinion and has already outlasted the zerowater just a few weeks in. The speed at which water filters also seems faster than zerowater and pur which is quite nice as well. So far everything has been excellent with this water filter pitcher and I am greatly relieved by the ergonomics of this unit for the lid to stay on while pouring is a huge bonus. One final point to make is the customer service is second to none with this company as I had ordered the wrong type of filter for my well water and they sent the correct replacement to me free of charge. All in all excellent would be the word to describe this water pitcher, filter, and company.

Thank You

Hey Tyler, thanks for the review. Great feedback. I will tell you that our 'Pure' pitcher filter is about to get a whole lot slower as we just approved a stronger version of the filter time is about to go to 10 minutes but the contaminate removal rate is going to be second to none. Cheers, Ash

Epic Pure Replacement Filter