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Clean water & easy to use

Water from the Epic pitcher and water bottle tastes great and both the pitcher and pater bottle are easy to use. I was afraid the water bottle would need a hard suck to get the water through the filter, but it is really easy - a little harder than one with no filter, but much easier than some other filtered ones I have tried. Thanks for making a great product.

Just As Good (Perhaps Better) Than A Berkey & Cheaper

We've used a Berkey filter for years but were impressed by Epic Water Filters various designs, filter quality AND the fact the water pitchers could be recycled. I ordered a water pitcher and glass water bottle with filter and am extremely pleased. I appreciated the detailed list (with percentages) of what is removed by the filters. We were so impressed that we are going to order an under sink filter and free up some space in our kitchen that the Berkey had taken up!

Amazing bottle and awesome customer service

The bottle does a great job in neutralizing bad tasting water. And customer service is very helpful and understanding.

Pretty good filter

The water tank is clean. Obviously from the naked eye one can’t tell what it is and isn’t filtering but the water does taste good and I don’t miss my Bretta

Great filter!

I’m from the uk I have been looking into buying a water filter for ages but the leading brand here is Britta and doesn’t filter out all the nastys.first I was scared to buy such an important item from abroad because I felt if I needed the customer service it would let me down but they are amazing!!!! If I ever needed any assistance in anything I got a response straight away and they resolved everything with an happy response I’m so happy with the filter it’s amazing and the best customer service I’ve ever experienced...for anyone hesitating please buy with confidence this company is epic!!!!!

Great Customer Service

After receiving my pitcher I had an issue with the countdown calendar. Customer service is readily available and with no fuss a new lid was on It's way. I feel the filtration level is superior to others on the market and will join the clean water club to be able to feel protected for years to come.

The best

Best filter with great tasting water for a family of 5!

Epic Water Filter and Pitcher

Overall, I am happy with the product. It is a clean design and was easy to assemble. The seal on the top lid could be a little tighter. While pouring the last ounce of water it is necessary to hold down with the thumb of the hand gripping the handle the top lid so it does not pop-out. Once the water is filtered through, it provides a great clean taste.

Best water bottle!

I love this water bottle truly! I take it everywhere I go! I need to limit myself to toxins because of my condition and I feel safe knowing that this water bottle cleans and purifies my water!👍🏻

Incredible customer service

Joel at Epic water filters was beyond helpful in answering the many questions I had. True customer service is hard to find in the fast paced world we live in. The product itself was excellent as well. Well built, and great tasting water. I will be purchasing again.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher | Navy Blue | Removes Fluoride


Have been using these for about a year and we love them!

Best Filter!

Water is clear and tastes great. Performing as expected.

Love it!

I don't know how Brita is still in business. I love this product.

Best bottle ever

I bought this for a birthday gift for my daughter who loves to hike and bike. She loves it. I’m very happy with my pick and so is she.


I’m so glad I made this purchase. I bring my water bottle with me everywhere and can feel good about the cleanliness and purity of my water. I wanted a water bottle that filtered out fluoride and this one does the job!!!! Highly recommend!

My learning curve

I first ordered the Epic Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle for a brother who was taking a trip through remote parts of Africa. I ordered my own when the local water company explained that the “brown water problem” was both temporary and safe. The bottle arrived before the “brown water problem” was solved. The bottle not only solved the clarity problem, it made the water taste good. I had not realized that my local water was not great tasting. I then ordered the Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher to provide the water I now needed for my increased usage. Second best Epic advantage: My coffee tastes better. Thanks Epic.

So far so good

Just started using so it is hard right now to evaluate the product.

Best Ever Taste & Ease

We are soooo happy with our epic water filter for our kitchen sink. The install was simple, the customer service amazing and the taste of the water is absolutely amazing! I truly feel hydrated and am noticing I don’t want that silly chapstick anymore.

I’m recommending Epic Water to ALL my friends and family. I’ve done months of research and still feel surprised with how affordable these systems are- thank you Epic Water Team!

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher | Navy Blue | Removes Fluoride

100% love it

This company is amazing. Delivering the world options on options for cleaner water. I’ve hiked the Appalachian trail and used the well known sawyer but Epic’s work even more fantastic. Much better suction from the straw, light weight, easy to clean. Love it 100%. And there are options for rural AND city cleansers for both backpacking and just daily living. Also fits numerous styles of bottle containers. I highly recommend supporting this company AND you health. Thank you so much epic water filters. SO much love!

Epic filters are...EPIC

I love my under the sink filter! The water tastes great, the flow level is better than most, it's easy to install, it's affordable, and most importantly it gets the job done. What's not to like?


Great product. Does what they say

Pure Drinking water starts With Epic

Best Solution for an No nonsense product that insures our family s drink only pure water at all times . . .

My 1st Nano Pitcher

I'm enjoying my new blue pitcher. After drinking tap water for years I thought it was OK. WRONG! After setting up my pitcher and getting started with it's water - boy that tap water is nasty. Won't go back! Bought a 2nd pitcher to have for camping and signed up for automatic filter delivery. I've only had the pitcher for a couple of weeks. It seems sturdy. Only time will tell.