Carbofuran, we filter that.

CARBOFURAN is considered so toxic that it was banned in 2009. Carbofuran is primarily used for the control of insects in the farmlands, mites in dogs and cats, and nematodes in animals. Carbofuran is an odorless cholinesterase inhibitor manufactured and used as an insecticide, a nematocide, and an acaricide.

Carbofuran (marketed under many trade names, notably Furadan® and Curater®) It was widely used on alfalfa, rice, turf and grape crops, until it was banned in the United States.

Carbofuran had been detected in trace amounts in streams and groundwater prior to the ban. It could still potentially arrive in drinking-water through runoff from banned pesticide use.

Filter Removal Rates

Pure Filter: >99%

Nano Filter: >99.8%

Everyday Filter: >99%

Outdoor Filter: >99.8%

Smart Shield: >99%

Fridge Filter: We have not tested for this contaminant yet.*


*Why have we not tested for this? Read on here to find out.