Setting Up Your Pitcher and Dispenser:

Check Gasket:

Check to ensure the clear silicone gasket is in place before using to prevent any leaks. Hand wash jug /dispenser and filter components with a mild detergent (non-abrasive cleaners). Rinse well. Keep the filter away from soap and hot water.

Attaching Filter and Orienting Reservior:

Screw pitcher /dispenser filter back onto your reservoir.

Make sure the lid fits securely on the pitcher / jug. Sometimes the top reservoir gets turned around when you take it out. Turn the reservoir around 180 degrees. The flat side of the reservoir goes towards the direction of the spout. Then it should fit on snugly.

NOTE: It is not necessary to line up reservoir holes with filter holes.

Flushing Your Filter:

Fill the reservoir with cold tap water. Discard the first two jugs of filtered water or use on house plants. This is to remove any loose carbon fines. For the Epic dispenser, only one reservoir of water should be discarded.

Note: In areas known to have high sediment in the source water, (typically near costal cities) it is recommended to let the faucet run for 15-30 seconds to flush pipe sediment before filling up your pitcher/dispenser.

Starting Your Timer:

Hit start on your digital timer to begin the 90 day countdown. The digital timer on the lid of your jug / dispenser notifies you of when you should think about replacing the filter. The timer is set for 90 days as just a reminder. Depending on use and water quality, the filter may last longer than 90 days, (or, even shorter in some circumstances). The timer will flash after 90 days to remind you about the filter. If your filter is still working after six (6) months, we recommend changing it to ensure maximum filtration.

Filter Life:
One person - 4-5 months. Two people - 3 to 4 months. Family - 2 to 3 months.

If your timer breaks or malfunctions contact our support team-

Replacing your timer video - here

Resetting Your Timer:

When adding a replacement filter in the future, press the “Start” button for eight (8) seconds until the display does not flash anymore. The system will then reset and the timer will start again. To shut off the timer, press “Start” for three (3) seconds. The frame will flash three (3) times and the timer will shut off. To turn the timer back on, just do the opposite and press the “Start” button for three (3) seconds.

Note: Do not soak lid underwater. The digital timer is water resistant, not waterproof. Do not place lid in dishwasher. To clean lid, wipe down with damp cloth.

Dispenser Spigot Install:

This is your water dispenser spigot. You will notice a small white silicone “O-Ring” near the threads of your spigot. This O-Ring is very important and can cause your dispenser to leak if not properly installed flush against the dispenser side wall.

Step 1. Make sure the O’Ring is seated against the spigot side wall. You do this by simply pushing your finger against it to make sure it is flat and seated properly. Sometimes in transit, they can become dislodged or twisted. Make sure the surface of the “O-Ring" is clean and dry as well as the mounting surface of the Dispenser.

Step 2. When attaching the spigot to your dispenser, make sure the collar is screwed on snug. Most customer service issues on this product are from a spigot not being tightened.


Testing and Certifications:

PFAS (Forever Chemicals):

Epic Pure Water Filter : >99.6% Epic Nano Water Filter : >99.6%


Epic Pure Water Filter : 97.88% Epic Nano Water Filter : 68%

Chromium 6:

Epic Pure Water Filter : 99.2% Epic Nano Water Filter : 96.6%

Glyphosate (Roundup):

Epic Pure Water Filter : >99.9% Epic Nano Water Filter : >99.9%


Epic Pure Water Filter : >99.6% Epic Nano Water Filter : >99.6%

Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs):

Epic Pure Water Filter : 99.4% Epic Nano Water Filter : 99.4%


Epic Pure Water Filter : 98.4% Epic Nano Water Filter : 96.8%


Epic Pure Water Filter : >99.94% Epic Nano Water Filter : >99.4%

To see a full list of what each filter removes, check out our testing & certifications page here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between the Pure filter and the Nano filter?

The first major difference is that the Nano has just one hole in the top and the Pure has three holes. This throws a lot of customers off when they first see this difference.

The Pure filter is designed for customers with city water because its focus is removing fluoride and heavy metals. The Nano filter is designed for customers with well water because its focus is removing bacteria, viruses, and cysts. We also recommend the Nano filter for customers with hard water as it's better at removing sediment, so it will keep your filter lasting longer!

Both these filters are interchangeable with your pitcher or jug, so you can always swap them out if your needs change. You can see the full list of what each filter removes on our website. We're always updating that and testing for new contaminants, so feel free to check back on it if you don't see a contaminant listed there!

How long does it take to filter a completely filled upper reservoir? And, does this time increase over the lifespan of the filter?

This all depends on your water quality. On average, it initially takes 10 to 15 minutes to filter from the top reservoir to the bottom. Our filters are not the fastest in the world and that is by design. The longer our filters are in contact with the water, the more contaminants they remove. The filter will get a bit faster with use!

My timer on my lid quit working, now what?

First, try to reset your timer. Hold the timer button down for 8 seconds to see if that resets the timer. After 8 seconds, it will either come back on or flash three times. If it flashes three times, push the button once more to turn it on. If that does not work, contact our support team for a new timer.

The lid on my Pure or Nano jug does not seem to fit?

This is a pretty quick fix. Usually, the reservoir has been put in backwards. To fix this, take the lid off and remove the reservoir and turn it 180 degrees and then reinsert the reservoir into the pitcher. Put your lid back on and it should fit. Don't worry, you are not the first or the last person to do this. If for some reason your lid still does not fit, please contact our support team.

Are the Nano filters and Pure filters interchangeable?

Yes, they are! For example, if you bought a Nano jug / dispenser but decide you want to use a Pure filter, just buy the filter you want and install it the same way as you would a Nano filter. And the same goes vice versa!

I just got my filter, but the instructions show a filter with three holes and mine has only one. Do I have the wrong filter?

That can surely be confusing! The Nano filter has one (1) hole and the Pure filter has three (3).

How do I clean my jug / dispenser?

Everything except the filter is dishwasher safe. That being said, here are some cleaning recommendations:

  1. 1.Simply hand-wash the jug / dispenser and reservoir with a mild detergent. Let them air dry at room temperature. Then, wipe the lid with a soft sponge soaked in a solution of one teaspoon of white vinegar in a cup of water.
  2. 2. Washing the jug / dispenser before first using it is a great idea.
    3. Do not leave the pitcher in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Discard unused water if jug / dispenser has been left for a few days.