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Snow/Mountain Boarding

Denver, CO

AJ Lawson is a snowboarder, mountain boarder, youtuber, and entrepreneur. He is co founder of Nu Food, a plant-based snack company out of Denver, CO.

He has a youtube channel called "New Friends on a Pal Day". He was co-host of The Not Snowboarding podcast and he's downright hilarious.

Nicole evans


Lake Tahoe, CA

Hi, I’m Nicole Evans, a 21 year old yogi, climber, and aerialist.

Since 2020, I have taught yoga and aerial silks at various studios working with a wide range of students from children, to those with disabilities and elderly people. Additionally I have committed to my own training and doing aerial silks in more extreme environments like off of highlines, bridges, spacenets, and climbing routes. Extending my love for aerials and the environment.

Tom Asta


Tom Asta is a professional skateboarder from Langhorne, Pennsylvania, who has been skating for over two decades. He turned pro in 2010 and has since become one of the most accomplished and respected skaters in the game. Asta is known for his smooth style, technical skills, and competitive drive. Tom has competed in plenty of notable competitions including Street League Skateboarding (SLS), Xgames, Dew Tour, and the Tampa Pro. Tom understands the importance of staying hydrated with clean water, and trusts Epic Water Filters to provide him with safe and reliable drinking water wherever he goes. Asta is also committed to reducing his environmental footprint and inspiring others to do the same. His passion for skating, combined with his values of health and sustainability, make him a unique and inspiring individual who is making a positive impact on the world.

Miranda Maverick

MMA Fighter

As a professional MMA fighter (UFC Flyweight), clean eating AND drinking are very important to me. I would say water is what I consume 90% of the time and often end up buying filtered water to avoid contaminates as I do not have access to well water while living in town. Using Epic water filters is going to allow me convenience and provide clean water like never before to avoid things like fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, and micro plastics in my water that most systems have. On top of my athletic career, I also have a business called Prowler Pickles ( and I use filtered water in the processing of every jar of pickles I make! So excited to have Epic Water Filters on my journey to the top!

Anthony Walsh


Oahu, HI

I grew up by the beach but no one in my family surfed. One of my parents friends gave me a board because I was interested in it and they didn’t surf anymore. Fun fact I still have this board too. Having filtered water is important for not just my health, but my families health too. The water coming from the tap has so many chemicals and getting single use water bottles is not sustainable for our planet.

Chelsea Elwood


Hi my name is Chelsea, I'm a climber based in Denver, Colorado. In 2019, I was introduced to climbing at a gym near my college in Denton, Texas. During that time, I was in the process of leaving an abusive relationship. After getting out of my relationship completely, I fell in love with climbing. It was a new and exciting sport that I was building confidence in quickly. After a few months at my home gym in Denton, I started building a community that I never thought I would have. Supportive, like minded individuals that had the same passion for such a beautiful sport. A community that brought me to my first camping trip and my first outdoor boulder. They brought me love, kindness and helped me find myself again. As I was finishing my masters in Texas, I had dreams of pursuing my passion more. Not so long after I graduated, I drove straight to colorful Colorado to begin my next journey. Climbing in Colorado has opened up my eyes to the beauty of the rocks I was climbing, as well as the beauty of our earth. In order to keep myself hydrated, I always have an Epic Filter as I make my way to the crag. This makes it so much more accessible for me to have consistent clean water consumption which is important for any athlete. Not to mention the plastic waste reduction from just one Epic filter is over 500 plastic bottles. With this one small action, I feel confident climbing in nature knowing I can be part of the change and so can you!

Dan Darby


DeLand, FL

I started skydiving the day after I turned 18, after years of wanting to get into it. I signed up for a course that teaches you the basics, then jumped with my own parachute and two instructors holding on to me, giving hand signals to correct my body position, before opening my own parachute and flying myself to the ground.

Grant Giller


Evergreen, CO

I grew up as a competitive slope style rider before transition to a fully film project based rider. That doesn't mean I won’t catch a contest every once and a while! I grew up as the son of national park service engineer, so sustainability was introduced to me at a young age. When I started snowboarding it hit home even harder. Feeling the need to protect the earth that brings me so much joy became a priority. While snowboarding isn’t a inherently environmental friendly activity it’s important to me to make contributions in other ways to off set your activities. Eliminating single use plastic is one the easiest and cheapest ways to do it!

Gunnar Gronowski


Akron, OH

I grew up skiing park at a small hill there. I now live in a Sprinter van home basing in Colorado where I get to ski and paraglide some of the best parks and big mountains in the world! With the mountains being my playground, I am driven to keep them in the best possible condition for as long as possible! It’s just terrible to be in a beautiful zone and come across an old plastic water bottle or other trash, just one of the reasons I think everybody should have an epic water filter!

Osmond Taylor

Cliff Jumping

Lake Tahoe, CA

My name is Osmond Taylor, I am a Professional Cliff Jumper located here in Lake. Tahoe Ca, I am 17 years old and what brought me really to cliff Jumping was the fact I grew up along the river in a little town called Washington, Ca. On the weekends my friends and I would go out exploring the Yuba River and jump off cliffs for fun, but once I started getting more into the cliff jumping community I found out that there's people that do it for a living and make it more of a professionalized hobby. So I followed along and kept grinding on the cliffs and at my hometown spots, until I reached where I am now!

Xavi Mortimer


Born in 2013 in Boulder, Co, Xavi Mortimer is a skater, climber and snowboarder who is always up for any sport or adventure, anytime, anywhere. Xavi started skating at age five, his first tricks were firecracking a 3-stair and ollieing a broomstick. These days he can be found skating transitions, airing monster gaps and eating it on big tricks with friends. When he's not surfing concrete, Xavi likes to be in nature, love animals and make art.

Chris Leiferman


Truman, MN

My older brother was racing mountain bikes and really loved the sport and pulled an old trek frame out of the dumpster and built it up, gave it to me, signed me up for a triathlon and told me to start training. I raced an indoor tri in Mankato MN and won my first race and the rest is history. Filtered water just simply tastes better but is also clean and safe. It's hard going to different cities and parts of the world and not knowing the quality of tap water. So just erring on the side of filtered water with Epic Water Filters is necessary. I actually get upset now when I see wasted single use plastic bottles. It makes zero sense to use plastic bottles for personal consumption. There is the easiest way to drink water and that’s with the filter and a Nalgene.

Jordan Bryden


Canmore, AB

I train with a professional triathlon team based out of Boulder, Colorado. I am the current Ultraman World Champion who has fully embraced the “van life” lifestyle when it is too cold in the Canadian Rockies to train effectively. Having a sprinter van full of wasteful plastic bottles (that are often hard to recycle properly) is both wasteful and inconvenient! Epic Water Filters has made hydrating properly on-the-go a breeze with his in-van water dispenser.