Strontium, we filter that.

STRONTIUM is a soft, silvery metal with a number of uses: it blocks X-rays emitted by TV picture tubes; it causes paint to glow in the dark; and it is responsible for the brilliant reds in fireworks. Strontium also plays an important role in figuring out the origins of species: Anthropologists measure the levels of strontium ions in bones and teeth to help determine the geographic origins of ancient humans and animals. While natural strontium is harmless, one of its isotopes, Sr-90, carries a more sinister reputation: it is a dangerous byproduct of nuclear fallout. And yes, you do not want it in your drinking water.

Filter Removal Rates

Pure Filter: >99.73%

Nano Filter: >99.73%

Everyday Filter: We have not tested for this contaminant yet.*

Outdoor Filter: >99.73%

Smart Shield: >99%

Fridge Filter: >99.96%

*Why have we not tested for this? Read on here to find out.