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Hometown: Airdrie, Alberta Canada

Age: 36

Height: 6'5"

Current Home: Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Occupation: Pro Triathlete / Marketing and Team Director at Deboer Wetsuits


"You can keep going and your legs will hurt for a week or you can quit and your mind will hurt for a lifetime."
- Mark Allen, Legendary Ironman Champion

2019 Ultraman World Championships: 1st Place
Ultraman Canada 2019: 1st Place
Ultra 520k 2017: 1st Place
Chinook Triathlon: 1st Place
Canadaman Xtri 2022: 2nd Place
Canadaman Xtri 2019: 3rd Place
lronman Wisconsin 2022: 4th Place
Vancouver Triathlon: Silver Medalist 
Malibu International Triathlon: 5th Place
Challenge Roth: 12th Place

Canadian Long Course Championships: Silver Medalist
Korea lronman 70.3: Silver Medalist Challenge Penticton 2016: Bronze Medalist
Xterra Jr. World Champion Canadian National Championship: 1st Place
Canadian U23: National Champion
Canadian Elite National: Bronze Medalist Canadian Elite ITU National Championship: Bronze Medalist
ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships: 16th Place

Clean Water 


1) How did you begin your sport? I grew up in Airdrie, Alberta, which is a city in Alberta, Canada within the Calgary Region. I got into triathlon in 1996 after being motivated by watching the 2000 Sydney Olympics. My family then moved into Calgary to be closer to my training center, at the Talisman Center.   

2) Hometown/ where do you live or train currently? I currently live in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Canmore is a small mountain town next to world renowned Banff National Park.

3) Why is filtered water important / why is reducing single use plastic important to you? As someone who lives in the heart of the Canadian Rockies-I have come to appreciate the importance of fresh clean water. When at home, I feel truly privileged to drink some of the cleanest glacier water in the world (and yet I still use my Epic water filters!) As a Junior elite athlete I travelled to Mexico and races three year in a row and came home sick each and every time. It turns out that traveling to new countries and areas regularly can quite literally leave a bad taste in your mouth on occasion. This revelation opened my eyes to just how many people around the world have to deal with the struggles of finding clean water every single day. In addition to the obvious health benefits, I really have struggled with the waste that is produced with plastic bottles. Since working with Epic water filters I am proud to say that I have purchased less that a dozen bottles of prepared water, and have been drinking more due to the awesome bottles and clean taste! 

About Jordan:
Jordan Bryden is a professional triathlete from a small mountain town near Banff National Park. He grew up in a very active family and was first introduced to the sport of triathlon at the age of 9.  By the time Jordan was 12 he was inspired by Canadian namesake, Simon Whitfield, who became the first ever Olympic Champion in the sport of triathlon at the Sydney Olympic Games. 

The inspiration took hold, and Jordan began to dedicate himself to the pursuit of World Class performances. Since then- Jordan has won numerous national titles, and has landed on the podium at Olympic Distance and Long Distance triathlon events around the globe. In 2016 Jordan worked alongside Olympic Champion Nicola Spirig as a training partner before the Rio Olympic Games. 

In more recent year he has embraces a passion for Ultra endurance racing. He won Ultraman Canada, Ultra 520k, and then eventually the 2019 Ultraman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. In 2022 his race highlights included finishing 2nd at the Canadaman Xtri (to qualify for Xtri World Championships) and finished 4th at Ironman Wisconsin. 

Jordan also freelances at a professional sports photographer at endurance events. He currently works as the team director and social media manager for Deboer Wetsuits- a triathlon focused company.

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