1,2,3-Trichloropropane, we filter that.

1,2,3-TRICHLOROPROPANE is a synthetic chemical that is also known as allyl trichloride, glycerol trichlorohydrin, and trichlorohydrin. It is a colorless, heavy liquid with a sweet but strong odor. It evaporates very quickly and small amounts dissolve in water. It is mainly used to make other chemicals. Some of it is also used as an industrial solvent, paint and varnish remover,and cleaning and degreasing agent.

Filter Removal Rates

Pure Filter: >97.4%

Nano Filter: >97.4%

Everyday Filter: We have not tested for this contaminant yet.*

Outdoor Filter: >97.4%

Smart Shield: We have not tested for this contaminant yet.*

Fridge Filter: >99.82%


*Why have we not tested for this? Read on here to find out.