Epic Water Filters Gift Card

Epic Water Filters Gift Card

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Give the gift of clean water with Epic Water Filters gift cards. Clean water is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. Access to clean water ensures hydration, supports proper digestion, and helps detoxify the body. Moreover, clean water is vital for preventing waterborne diseases and reducing the risk of illness, especially in communities with limited access to safe drinking water. By providing Epic Water Filters gift cards, you're not just offering a convenient and practical gift; you're also contributing to the mission of ensuring clean, safe water for all. With each sip of water filtered through an Epic Water Filter, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing they're consuming water free from harmful contaminants, contributing to their overall health and vitality.

Clean Water Club Details

How the Clean Water Club works

Your Epic Water Filter replacement will automatically be delivered on your schedule. No obligation, you can modify or cancel your membership to the Clean Water Club at anytime. You save 10% and get free shipping on all filter replacements (Domestic United States).

How often should you replace filters:

  • Bottle Filter:  Every 3 to 4 Months
  • Pitcher/Jug Filter:  Every 2 to 5 Months
  • Smart Shield:  Every 10 to 14 Months
  • Sediment Filter:  Every 10 to 14 Months

See product description for more information.


Gift clean water

Give the gift of health and wellness with an Epic Water Filters gift card. Perfect for any occasion, our gift cards empower your loved ones to choose from our range of innovative water filtration products, ensuring they enjoy the benefits of clean, contaminant-free water. Whether it's our top-rated water bottles, home filtration systems, or replacement filters, an Epic Water Filters gift card lets the recipient select the product that best suits their lifestyle. With over 200 contaminants removed, you can rest assured that your gift is providing a healthier, more sustainable way to stay hydrated.

Not only does an Epic Water Filters gift card promote health and wellness, but it also supports our commitment to sustainability and American craftsmanship. Each filter is proudly made in the USA with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology. By choosing Epic Water Filters, you are gifting more than just clean water; you are contributing to a greener planet by reducing plastic waste and supporting local communities. Spread the joy of clean, safe water with an Epic Water Filters gift card, and make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of your friends and family.


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