Chlorobenzene, we filter that.

CHLOROBENZENE (or monochlorobenzene) is a colorless organic liquid used in the manufacture of insecticides, dyes, de-greasing agents, adhesives, drugs, rubber, paints, dry cleaning chemicals, and as a fiber swelling agent in textile processing.

Human exposure to chlorobenzene is most likely to occur occupationally, through inhalation. According to the World Health Organization, it has been detected in drinking-water. The Maximum Contaminant Level Goals for chlorobenzene has been set at 0.1 parts per million because EPA believes this level of protection would not cause any of the potential health problems described below.

Filter Removal Rates

Pure Filter: >99.4%

Nano Filter: >99.4%

Everyday Filter: >99%

Outdoor Filter: >99.4%

Smart Shield: >99%

Fridge Filter: >99.8%