Haloacetic acids (HAAs), we filter that.

HALOACETIC ACIDS (HAAs) are a type of chlorination disinfection by-product that are formed when the chlorine used to disinfect drinking water reacts with naturally occurring organic matter in water. Haloacetic acids and Haloacetonitriles (HANs) are a relatively new disinfection by-product of modern water treatment methods.

Haloacetic acids are a collection of several different compounds. The sum of Bromodichloroacetic Acid, Dibromochloroacetic Acid, and Tribromoacetic Acid concentrations is known as HAA3. The sum of Monochloroacetic Acid, Monobromoacetic Acid, Dichloroacetic Acid, Trichloroacetic Acid, and Dibromoacetic Acid concentrations are known as HAA5. HAA6 refers to the sum of HAA5 and Bromochloroacetic Acid concentrations. HAA6 and HAA3 together make up HAA9.

Filter Removal Rates

Pure Filter: >99.35%

Nano Filter: >99.42%

Everyday Filter: We have not tested for this contaminant yet.*

Outdoor Filter: >99.42%

Smart Shield: >99.99%

Fridge Filter: We have not tested for this contaminant yet.*

*Why have we not tested for this? Read on here to find out.