Why would you want to buy a water filter pitcher that removes arsenic? Well, it turns out that arsenic is a nasty little substance that is no bueno for the human body. But what is arsenic? Arsenic occurs in many naturally occurring minerals, usually in combination with sulfur and different metals, but it can also appear as a pure element. Arsenic is naturally present in the groundwater and drinking water of a number of countries including the USA & Canada. You can check to see if you have high levels of arsenic in your water by checking with your local water company and water quality report. You can also visit Environmental Working Group’s tap water database and enter your zip code. https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Arsenic In Your Tap Water

  1. It just sounds bad (Hey, I got arsenic in my water.)
  2. Skin lesions & changes skin pigmentation (Probably not what you want)
  3. Lung Cancer (Like reason 1 & 2 wasn't enough)
  4. Bladder Cancer
  5. Cardiovascular Disease

water filter pitcher arsenic

Arsenic and its associated compounds, like trioxide, are used in the production of pesticides, treated wood, herbicides, & insecticides. These applications are declining, however so the threat to groundwater is going down. We are exposed to elevated levels of arsenic through drinking contaminated water, using contaminated water in food preparation and irrigation of crops, and smoking tobacco. This is why you are maybe looking for a “water filter pitcher arsenic” - good news, you came to the right place. We have something for you to check out but first, what will drinking higher levels of arsenic do to your body?

Is It Hard To Remove Arsenic From Water

Yes, actually it is hard to remove arsenic from drinking water. We have tested and researched a lot of ways to remove arsenic and it is not easy to remove from water. We have found that granular activated carbon filters (GAC) have very little impact on arsenic which is why we use only carbon block filters at Epic Water Filters. If you are not sure if you have a GAC filter, shake your filter and if it sounds like grains of sand inside you have a GAC filter. (See article GAC Filter vs Carbon Block Filter for more information). We have found that the combination of gravity and thick carbon block filters are the best at removing arsenic from water. Gravity based filters allow more contact time between the water and filter which allows for more contaminant removal while the water works its way through the filter. 

How To Filter Arsenic From Drinking Water

The first symptoms you will have of long term exposure to high levels of inorganic arsenic are usually observed in the skin, and include pigmentation changes, skin lesions and hard patches on the palms and soles of the feet as known as hyperkeratosis. These occur after a minimum exposure of five years and may be a precursor to skin cancer. In addition to skin cancer, long-term exposure to arsenic may also cause cancers of the bladder and lungs.

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The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified arsenic and arsenic compounds as carcinogenic to humans, and has also stated that arsenic in drinking-water is carcinogenic to humans.  (Yikes! What can I do?) Well for one, you can use a water filter pitcher arsenic like the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher.

We have tested several of our products for the removal of arsenic from tap water.

Epic Water Filters Products Tested To Remove Arsenic.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher 94%

Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher 95%

Epic Outdoor Adventure Bottle Filter 95%

Epic Urban Bottle Filter 82.5%

Water Filter Pitcher Arsenic