Nicole evans

Epic Athlete





Hometown: North Lake Tahoe, CA

Age: 21

College: UC Berkeley

Current Home: Converted Ambulance

Profession: Yogi, Climber, & Aerialist

Nicole Evans is a climber, yogi, and aerialist based in North Lake Tahoe, CA. She began pushing the limits on aerial silks in 2019, transitioning from an indoor studio based aerialist to an outdoor extreme sport athlete rigging aerial silks from highlines, space nets, bridges, and big walls in Yosemite.

Clean Water

Nicole's story

In 2015, I began taking yoga and aerial silk classes for independent PE credits while in high school and I continued to practice well past getting those credits. When I got accepted into UC Berkeley in 2018, for Conservation and Resource Studies, I trained less frequently to focus on academics. After the first two semesters and a summer internship plan falling through I invested in going to Thailand for the month of July in 2019 to earn my 200hr hatha/vinyasa yoga instructor certification. 

Upon returning from Thailand I taught a handful of classes in North Lake Tahoe before I returned to college for the fall. I decided to take a gap semester for the semester of spring 2020 to focus on sharing my passion for yoga and aerials. I realized I could pursue being an athlete and teaching while simultaneously being an environmental activist. Since 2020, I have taught yoga and aerial silks at various studios working with a wide range of students from children, to those with disabilities and elderly people. Additionally I have committed to my own training and doing aerial silks in more extreme environments like off of highlines, bridges, spacenets, and climbing routes. 

Extending my love for aerials and the environment, I am working on opening a non-profit to make outdoor aerials more accessible and to use aerial events as a catalyst for environmental actions like clean ups and restoration projects. When Epic Water Filters reached out to me about working together I felt it instantly aligned with the brand and their mission. While traveling in my ambulance home I often don’t know the source or quality of the water when filling up but I do know that when I use my water bottle my water will be safe and filtered. 

On strenuous adventures it’s convenient to pack in one reusable Epic Water Filters bottle with an outdoor filter, so I can just fill up along the way at creeks, lakes or springs.  My advice for the youth would be to follow your passions and where your talents naturally lie. That is ultimately where you’ll have the greatest influence and impact, it’s never just about the sport but about the community and how you can contribute. 

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