How To Filter Out Fluoride

Water is vital for our survival, and ensuring its safety for consumption remains a paramount concern. In recent research, fluoride has been identified as a neurotoxin, with documented effects on IQ levels in children. While fluoride is often added to municipal water supplies to promote dental health, excessive levels can now be seen as detrimental to our overall well-being. The removal of fluoride from water presents a formidable challenge due to its chemical properties, necessitating the use of specialized water filtration systems. This blog post will delve into the complexities of fluoride removal, underscore the significance of extended contact time with the filtration medium, and explore how the Epic Pure filter, alongside alternative methods such as activated alumina and bone char, can effectively diminish fluoride levels in your drinking water while addressing the new concerns regarding its impact on neurodevelopment.

Understanding the Challenge of Fluoride Removal

Fluoride removal from water is a complex process because fluoride ions are small and negatively charged. This makes them difficult to capture using traditional water filtration methods. Standard carbon filters, commonly found in many household filtration systems, are not effective at removing fluoride. To successfully remove fluoride, a specialized filtration media and a longer contact time are required.

In water filtration, contact time refers to the duration the water spends in contact with the filter media. The longer the contact time, the more effectively the filter can remove contaminants. Fluoride, being a small ion, requires a longer contact time with the filtration media to ensure effective removal. A high-quality fluoride filter, such as the Epic Pure filter, is designed to provide this extended contact time, ensuring that your drinking water is fluoride-free.

The Epic Pure filter stands out as an excellent solution for fluoride removal in a pitcher or dispenser format. It utilizes a proprietary resin that specifically targets fluoride ions. This resin has a strong affinity for fluoride, attracting and binding with it as water passes through the filter. With its extended contact time and specialized resin, the Epic Pure filter can significantly reduce fluoride levels in your water, providing you with safer and better-tasting drinking water.

Furthermore, the Epic Pure Pitcher and Pure Dispenser employ gravity filtration, which naturally provides an extended contact time with the filter. This extended contact time is particularly advantageous for effective fluoride removal. As water trickles through the filter, it allows for more comprehensive interaction with the filtration medium, enhancing the removal of fluoride and other contaminants, thereby ensuring that your drinking water is of the highest quality.

Activated Alumina and Bone Char

There are other methods worth considering. Activated alumina is one such method. Activated alumina is a porous material that can effectively adsorb fluoride ions. When water passes through a filter containing activated alumina, the fluoride ions are trapped within its pores, resulting in reduced fluoride levels in the treated water. Another method is the use of bone char, which is made from animal bones. Bone char is heated to high temperatures, turning it into a porous material that can adsorb fluoride ions. The process of making bone char involves carbonizing and activating the bone material, leaving behind a substance with a high surface area capable of binding with fluoride.

Does boiling water remove fluoride?

Boiling water is a common method people consider for purifying their tap water, but it's important to note that boiling does not effectively remove fluoride from the water. In fact, boiling can have the opposite effect – it can increase the concentration of fluoride in the water. This occurs because when water is boiled, some of it evaporates, leaving behind a more concentrated solution of all the dissolved substances, including fluoride. While boiling can eliminate some volatile contaminants, it does not alter the fluoride content; instead, it can potentially make the water even more concentrated with fluoride ions. To effectively reduce fluoride levels in your water, a specialized water filtration system designed for fluoride removal, such as the Epic Pure filter, is a far more reliable and efficient choice.

Ensuring that your drinking water is free from harmful contaminants like fluoride is essential for your health and well-being. While fluoride removal can be challenging due to the small size and negative charge of fluoride ions, it is possible with the right filtration methods. The Epic Pure filter, with its proprietary resin and extended contact time, is an excellent choice for effectively removing fluoride from your water. Additionally, activated alumina and bone char are alternative methods that can provide successful fluoride reduction. Regardless of the method you choose, it's essential to prioritize the quality and safety of your drinking water.

How to remove fluoride from water at home

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