is Water wet?

water is not wet (or is it)

The Hilarious Huddle of Hydrophilic Hilarity: Is Water Wet?

Greetings, my fellow curious minds and inquisitive intellects! Today, we are delving into the whimsical world of one of the most confounding conundrums to have ever wet our whistle: Is water wet? Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey through the droplet-laden labyrinth of scientific hilarity! 

The Wet Camp: It's All About the Molecules, Baby!

Let's kick off this aquatic adventure by diving headfirst into the wet camp. These brave souls, armed with chemistry textbooks and a penchant for puddles, argue that water is indeed wet. Their point of view? It all boils down to the nature of water molecules. 

Point 1: The Molecule Mingle

Water molecules have an uncanny attraction to each other, thanks to hydrogen bonding. This means that when you dip your finger into a bowl of water, the water molecules collectively stick to your skin, making it feel, well, wet! 

Point 2: Slippery When Wet

Think about the classic banana peel slip gag in cartoons. What's the common denominator? Water! When a surface is wet, it becomes slippery. If water itself weren't wet, then wet surfaces wouldn't be slippery. Case closed, right? 

Point 3: The Wet Test

Imagine a dry sponge. Now, dunk it in water. What happens? The sponge absorbs the water and becomes wet. If water wasn't wet, how could it make things wet? It's like trying to argue that a sneeze isn't gross—it's the very essence of its nature! 


The Dry Camp: In Defense of Aquatic Integrity Now, let's paddle over to the dry camp, where the stalwart defenders of semantic purity proclaim that water, being the essence of wetness itself, cannot be considered wet. Prepare for a sprinkling of linguistic levity! 

Point 1: The Essence of Wetness

Water, dear friends, is not merely wet—it is the very foundation upon which wetness is built. It's like asking if a comedian is funny; without water, there is no wetness, just as without laughter, there is no humor. Water is the wet canvas upon which the masterpiece of wetness is painted! 

Point 2: Linguistic Laughs

Consider this: can you dry something that isn't wet? No! To dry an object implies that it was once wet. If water were wet, it would need to dry itself after every splash. Imagine water frantically towel-drying itself after a rainstorm—quite the comedic mental image, isn't it? 

Point 3: A Matter of Identity

Water is not something that becomes wet; it's the standard by which wetness is measured. When you say "water is wet," you're like a philosopher pondering if existence exists. Water doesn't experience the sensation of wetness—it imparts that sensation to other things. 

The Delightful Denouement: Wet or Not? As we sail towards the conclusion of our aqueous amusement, where do we stand? Is water wet or is it simply the wetmaker? Well, my fellow aficionados of aquatic amusement, the answer is… a delightful paradox. Water, you see, is a bit of a trickster. It's not quite wet on its own—it's the agent of wetness, the enabler of all things wet. It's the grand conductor of the symphony of saturation, orchestrating the grand performance of puddles and oceans, giggles and grins. So, whether you find yourself chuckling in the wet camp or guffawing in the dry camp, remember that the laughter is what truly matters. In the grand comedy of science, the punchline is often found in the most unexpected places—even in a seemingly simple question like, "Is water wet?" Until next time, my scientifically silly comrades, keep your minds as open as a rain-filled umbrella and your sense of humor as sharp as a dripping faucet!


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