Waterdrop™ Water Pitcher Filter Review

We could not find any 3rd party testing information on the Waterdrop water filter pitcher available on Amazon. According to their Amazon listing, each filter works for 200 gallons but again, we could not find any testing that proves this to be true. Also on their Amazon listing, they say the resin (filter material) that they use in their filter is NSF 61 certified. NSF 61 has nothing to do with drinking water standards but it sounds really good on an Amazon listing. NSF 61 actually has to do with industrial water filtration practices which is a much lower standard than drinking water standards set down by NSF/ANSI, like NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401, P231, & P473.

NSF 61 covers:
This particular standard establishes minimum health effects requirements for the chemical contaminants and impurities that are indirectly imparted to drinking water from products, components, and materials used for drinking water systems. This includes:
Protective barrier materials (cements, paints, coatings)
Joining and sealing materials (gaskets, adhesives, lubricants) 
Mechanical devices (water meters, valves, filters) 
Pipes and related products (pipe, hose, fittings) 
Plumbing devices (faucets, drinking fountains) 
Process media (filter media, ion exchange resins) 
Non-metallic potable water materials  

Also, since Waterdrop has no website so there is no way to ask customer service questions or contact someone if you have an issue. This appears to be an Amazon only seller so as always, buyer beware. We look forward to Waterdrop providing 3rd party testing from a certified USA lab out to the 200 gallons as they claim their filter lasts. Best advice, don't hold your breath waiting for this testing. 

Brand Name: Waterdrop™ 
Manufacturer: EcoLife Technologies LLC
Based: China
Model #:  WD-Extream 
Type of Filter: GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) - See GAC Filters vs Carbon Block Filters

So how does Waterdrop's filters compare to Epic Water Filters' Pure & Nano water filter pitcher at removing real contaminants found in tap water? Or, you might have wondered Waterdrop Water Filter vs Brita? Let's take a look. 

Compared to: Epic Water Filters Nano & Pure Water Filter Pitchers

Designed to remove up to 99.99% of all tap water contaminants, the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher and the Epic Nano Water Filter Pitchers are the most sensible choice in water purification today. All filters are replaceable and tested to the highest industry standards. Our filters are tested and exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, P473, & P231(Nano only) for contaminant reduction. With each filter capable of purifying 150 gallons (568 litres) of water, water filter pitchers from Epic Water Filters are also a great economical choice saving your pocket book and the earth from single use plastic water bottles. See below how Epic compares to Waterdrop Water Filter Pitcher.

Brand Name: Epic Water Filters
Manufacturer: Epic Water Filters
Type of Filter: 
1. Pure - Solid Carbon Block 
2. Nano - Patented American Made Nanotechnology wrapped fabric. 

Waterdrop™ is a registered trademark of EcoLife Technologies LLC based in China. Epic Water Filters™ is a registered trademark of Epic Life, Inc. based in Colorado. 

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