Want to drink more water?

The verdict is in: Straws can seriously help!

It’s a new year and it’s a great time to focus on being more hydrated. We all know hydration is important. We don’t have to tell you twice.

We are all for making goals easier here at Epic, and we are certainly pro life hacks that help us accomplish what we set out to. Life is hard enough, so why not make some things easy?

Well, we did some research, and it seems across the board that STRAWS are a friend to all who value hydration, far and wide. From Runner’s World to the HuffPost, using a straw is highly recommended for those who want to stay hydrated.

We can attest to that here. We have had countless talks around the office about how we drink more water because of the straws in our bottles. Even friends and families seem keen to the idea. Unprompted, we’ve heard so many share in this consensus. 

Why might that be? Well, we don’t know 100% for sure but we have some ideas as to why.

First of all, it’s just easier and more convenient. No taking a lid off and drinking as you try to avoid spilling water all over yourself, you can sip from a straw while typing or reading. It certainly caters to multi tasking and can become a thoughtless practice throughout your day.

For whatever reason, straws facilitate one’s ability to drink more water at any given time. Most of us here use the OG Grande bottle, and we’re all amazed how easily we go through 48oz of water. Where before I had to consistently remind myself to drink enough and then was always inevitably running back and forth from the sink to fill up my glass, using a bottle with a straw has made that whole process more convenient and hassle free.

Now straws aren’t for everyone, and we are certainly welcoming of all preferences here. (Refer to our Pitchers & Home Filtration) But if you aren’t sold yet, give it a try. Drink from a bottle without a straw and then try one with a straw, do you notice the difference?

Think about any other kind of drink. A smoothie, or if you’re really getting adventurous, a margarita, isn’t it so much easier to down that goodness with a straw? So why not apply the same concept to water, a guilt free practice.

Did something happen to your straw? Get in touch with us so we can help fulfill all your straw dreams.