Happy Earth Day Everyone!

While every day is Earth Day for us, it's nice to have a designated day every year to celebrate our planet and reflect on how we impact it.

How will you be celebrating Earth Day?

We're doing our monthly creek cleanup to make our local watering hole a bit sparklier. You can also shop on our website and for every product purchased, we will plant one tree.

We've noticed that some of our favorite spots in our area are also hosting a little something. Some are doing creek cleanups, and others are running different promotions for those wanting to take some action toward benefiting the environment. Feel free to find out what's happening in your town and see how you can get involved, even if from afar.

If you'll be celebrating at home, here are some things you can do:

Opt for cloth napkins and cloth towels when cleaning or eating. Ditch the paper for a weekend and have less waste!

Turn off your lights when you're not using them. You can even go for a more romantic feel and use candles for a few hours instead of electricity.

Charge your electronics during the day so you can unplug them when they are finished. If you charge them over night, they will continue to draw power even after they are fully charged.

See if your town has a local bulk store. It's a great way to restock on kitchen staples without the extra packaging and plastic. Most will offer a range of options from food to coffee, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, and pet food.

Be mindful of how much water you use. Maybe your shower could be a few minutes shorter, and you probably don't need the faucet on when you're brushing your teeth. 😊

If you feel like getting wild, here are some things you can do outside:

Take a walk or a bike ride somewhere close instead of driving (weather permitting).

Plant some herbs or veggies in your garden. If you don't have the space, most plants are happy in pots.

Pick up some trash as you take your daily walk through the neighborhood. That will keep trash from ending up in unwanted places, and it will make your neighborhood nicer.

Research or invest in some cleaner energy solutions. A lot of towns are now offering options to use wind energy or solar energy. There are also a lot of smart home solutions that will more efficiently utilize energy and water. Even if you don't pull the trigger on any purchases, just being aware of what's out there is a great start.

If you're doing any shopping in person or online, think about how you vote with your dollar. Also, it may be good to ask ~ Do I really need this? Will I still need this in a few years? Is there a more sustainable option? By buying less of what we don't truly need or want, we can prevent more trash from ending up in landfills. Sometimes, it just takes a moment to stop and ask.

Our proud partner Inland Ocean Coalition is running a giveaway for those who pledge to not use plastic bags for a month. You can learn more about that here. Even if you don't sign up for the giveaway, brining your own grocery bags to the store is a great way to cut back on single use plastic.

And of course, by using your filter and not buying single use plastic water bottles, you are making a difference! Keep doing what you're doing and let us know how you'll be celebrating Earth Day. Did you do something we didn't mention here? Let us know, so we can share it next year!