We would all like to know the key to happiness. While it may slightly vary person to person, there is a general consensus that love, family, stress, and purpose all play a role.  According to a recent survey commissioned by Bosch, hydration also plays a key role in our happiness.  

The survey relied on qualitative data and asked participants how many cups of water they drink a day and had participants answer a number of questions about their levels of happiness, energy, and success. Those who drank 6 or more cups a day of water more often reported that they were very happy, woke up energized most days of the week, and considered themselves to be optimistic in contrast to those who drank less than 6 cups of water a day. Only 12% of participants who drank less than one cup of water a day answered similarly.  

We all know that drinking water is vital to our health. Modern medicine is now beginning to understand the nuance of emotion and thought, and how our choices impact them. It makes sense that keeping our bodies hydrated and running properly would in turn play a role in our levels of happiness, stress, and energy. It may also be that happy and energetic individuals are more likely to stay on top of their hydration. Either way, being hydrated and happy are certainly worth working toward and if one helps the other, why not start with something tangible like drinking water? It may seem like a chicken or the egg argument, but here, both the chicken and the egg are equally valuable.  

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