Meet the artist

Phil Lewis

We have been really excited to add three new special edition bottles this year to our lineup that feature some seriously talented artists.

Our first was designed by Phil Lewis, an artist from our hometown! He worked alongside Inland Ocean Coalition to create a bottle that emphasizes ocean awareness, regardless of how close you live to it.

The proceeds from this bottle go back to Inland Ocean Coalition to support them in their mission. Being someone from a mountain town, Phil was excited to showcase the importance of keeping singe use plastic bottles out of creeks and rivers in order to prevent them from ending up in the ocean.

Phil recounts, "I was fortunate enough to grow up on the pristine shores of Lake Tahoe, one of the clearest lakes in the world.  At a very early age, I realized the impact we had on keeping it that way.  As human beings living on this planet, I believe we are all connected; especially through water.  The snow pack that melts into the lakes and rivers, eventually makes its way to the ocean… and everything it encounters along the way will contribute to the cycle.  I am honored to participate in this project aiming to keep single-use plastic bottles out of the mix.  As you spin the bottle, you can follow the water’s journey, from the mountain peaks to the waves in the ocean.  Together we can help keep it clean the whole way!"

To see more, check out this video. Or click on the thumbnail below.


To learn more about Phil Lewis, you can check out his work here.

To support Phil & Inland Ocean Coalition, check out the Special Edition OG below.

OG Special edition | IOC | Phil lewis

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32 oz | BPA / BPS Free | Bottle & Filter made in US | Comes with the Everyday Filter that removes 70+ contaminants | Filter Life: 3-4 Months