What's going on in the world with plastics?

As more learn about the dangers of using plastics and the post consumer troubles of breaking them down, we are seeing more and more companies, counties, and countries take steps away from using them.

We will routinely keep you up to date so you can stay informed! We are excited to see our peers make positive changes, and we appreciate you for voting with your dollars!

Our story today: 

The EU Bans 10 Single Use Plastic Items

As of May 5th, the EU has banned 10 single use plastic items that are most commonly found on beaches. This includes straws, plastic bottles, coffee cups, and takeaway food containers. All of these items are made from expanded polystyrene. Items made from that material are no longer allowed to be sold.

This type of plastic is being specifically targeted because it easily breaks down into tiny white plastic balls that are blown around by the wind and eaten by fish and birds, thinking it's food.

This new law is called the SUP Directive or the Single-Use Plastics Directive which requires all 27 EU members to enforce this guideline.

The aim is to reduce the environmental and health impacts of single use plastics and to encourage businesses to adopt more sustainable business models.

What provoked this change?

Single-use plastics make up 50% of all litter found on beaches in Europe. Out of that, 90% of that litter consists of 10 different types of items. Thus, those items were targeted in this directive.

A step in the right direction

We're excited to see the EU take this step, and while there is still more work to be done, this is a great step in the right direction.

Members of the EU have two years to implement this directive. In the mean time, others are asking for more aggressive measures to be implemented, feeling that there is still a lot of work to be done.

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