Today is the start of Plastic Free July!

We participated as a company last year and were looking forward to doing it again this year. This can look different to each individual, and based on what you'd like to focus on, you can make a difference in so many ways ~ small or large!

This movement is officially sponsored by an organization called, you guessed it, Plastic Free July. Learn more about them here.

If you want, you can pledge to reduce or avoid plastic consumption for this month (and beyond) by taking the challenge on their website.

Need some ideas?

Here are some ways you can reduce your plastic use this month or avoid it altogether.

Bring a reusable coffee mug to your coffee shop instead of using a disposable one

Use a bamboo or recyclable toothbrush

Use bar soap instead of soap in a dispenser. If you already have some soap dispensers at home, refill them and reuse the containers!

Bring your own vegetable bags to the grocery store and avoid the plastic ones the store provides

Check out your local bulk store. There's a lot you can buy in bulk and plus you get to ditch the excess packaging!

Buy local, it's farmer's market season!

If you're a woman, look into reusable pads and tampons

Invest in some reusable straws and avoid plastic ones

Refuse any waste you do not need. When ordering out, ask the restaurant to hold the plastic utensils and use your silverware at home

Use your reusable Epic water bottle!

This is why it matters