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Im very satisfied

Im very satisfied thanks

Very good water filter

Thank you for your good quality of the water filter

Love Epic

I get compliments how great the water tastes in my house 🤩 and no more fluoride in my drinking water. Just perfect

Best water filter

Taste of the water is absolutely amazing! Love my new Epic Filter Escape bottle.

I find the filtered water good to drink as my subscription to the regular filter delivery service proves it

This filter makes my day.

Just moved to Indianapolis from Colorado. The tap water here is terrible, horrible, no good. VERY hard water, stinky, and yucky. I searched around on the Internet and eventually decided on the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher. When I saw the company was based in Boulder, CO, I thought, “Well of course it is!” I love it. It has changed my outlook on everything. I use it for drinking water and also for cooking and hot drinks. I am renting an apartment now, but if I end up buying a house, I will definitely look in to getting an undersink filter.

Best tasting water

Got my epic filter as a recommendation from a friend who uses one and I love it! I’ve began drinking more water just because of how tasty the water is out of the filter and how convenient it is.

Awesome product!

I recently ordered an Epic Nalgene OG Grande bottle on Amazon. Immediately I noticed a dramatic difference in the taste and clarity of my tap water. The chlorine taste has disappeared entirely and I am noticing fewer digestive issues related to contaminants in the municipal water supply. I fully recommend Epic products!

The last water filter you'll need

The epic water filter makes great tasting water out of our city water. It removes all the impurities and chemicals they put in at the processing plant. I have tried more than a few filters this is the best one I have found.

Best Filter for the price and easy to replace!

I had conducted a fairly comprehensive review to find a filter that would remove the most items with minimal cost and wouldn't leak when you replace the filter. EpicWater was the one! Water tastes great and filters are a breeze to replace.


Simple and fast. Great tasting water

Excellent water bottle for travel

I brought this water bottle, especially for international travel. Not only to save money but it is good for the environment!

Best Filter

I could not be happier with my filter and pitcher.
Customer Service is fantastic.

Replacement filter

These filters are fantastic and are much longer lasting than any previous brands I have used.
Delivery is always punctual as well. Worth the money savings on bottled water bought in the past is wonderful.

Love it, more pros than cons

Only cons would be I can’t seem to get sleeve off to clean it, afraid of using too much force and breaking it afraid of maybe mold after a long time, I chose glass for taste so I can’t really complain about the glass being fragile but maybe it could be a tad thicker, also washing process is a bit time consuming but well worth it I believe cause I haven’t enjoyed tap water this much in a long time. Very good job I love the straw it works great, to create a bottle like this I think would be somewhat difficult so I think you guys did a great job, thank you! :)

Really happy with them

We ordered two, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom; very easy to install, and the peace of mind is great.

Pitcher Quality

Pitcher is thin for the cost. Feel as though im going to break off the handle each time i lift a full pitcher. Great tasting water though!

Epic Nano Replacement Filter

Awesome Filter

This water filter will change the taste of your water immediately. The taste is
so good and removed the old taste.
Buy now!!!!!

Your health is too valuable to trust to other filters

I originally bought the pitcher because I found a high value in filtering heavy metals, especially lead, out of my water. I originally used a Brita direct-from-faucet filter, but when I moved into a nearly two-century-old building I was concerned that I might not be getting the bang for my buck. Who knows what those pipes look like (besides a plumber).

While I haven’t done any water quality tests, the water that comes out of these filters simply tastes so clean and fresh. I use the filtered water pitcher for my tea, drinking water, and as well for my two cats. I drink much more water than before on average and while I knew that I would feel healthier simply for doing so I feel that this filter is a multiplier for that effect.

The filter is made of recyclable plastics and is therefore yet another multiplier as I work to reduce my use of single use plastics (the original reason for buying the Brita).

The filter lasts me about 3 1/2 months, and for the most part filters quickly enough that I don’t miss the convenience of the direct-from-faucet filter quite as much as I worried I would.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to improve your health, especially long-term, to reduce your carbon footprint, and to support a business that makes a valuable and impactful product. I haven’t been disappointed.

Incredible - all that’s needed to be said

I carry with me everywhere !! Restaurants, hikes, runs, gym and just always with me. Water is always refreshing no matter the source thanks to my lovely filter. Absolutely In love - I know what everyone is getting for Xmas. Thank you for making such a sound and amazing product.


Great product and fast shipping. Often refill my water bottle in the go and this is exactly what I needed. No problems whatsoever.

Great product

Even though I have water filtering system for the whole house, I realized that it does not get rid of fluoride, so I started using Epic Pitcher. Water tastes good. Hopefully no flouride or any other bad stuff in it...

Invest a bit to save a lot- great bottle and filter

Very few water bottle filters come in glass bottles, so this straightaway ticks the box as a superior build to others on the market. The filter is great- my wife drinks lots of water, and we were previously buying about 20 bottles per week of Evian. She had always refused to use any other water company as she insisted that the taste was better. Since we had this bottle, she no longer buys bottled water at all. For her, it tastes as good as any bottled water on the market. I'm happy as well that it is a lot easier to use than most other filters. I don't get water dripping on my as I did with my previous one. All round, great bottle, highly recommended.

Best filter ever!

I couldn't be happier with the purity of taste this filter provides.