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These water filters truly are epic! So thankful for them. Now we dont have to worry about clean water out and about. Definitely going to be gifting one of these to my brothers who is going to be going on mission trips!

stainless steal water bottle

I love my water bottle. The water tastes so much better. I carry it with me everywhere I go

Great Tasting Water!

I am so picky about the way my water tastes and it's hard to get a good balance when choosing a filter, but I must say I am so happy I found the Epic Nano! It's like I haven't tasted good, clear tasting water in a very long time. This is the way water is supposed to taste! The instructions are clear and very easy to use, and I have clear drinking water whenever I want it, without the flat taste some other filters have. I am so glad I've finally found a water filter that does exactly what it's supposed to...filter the water and provide a clean and clear water source! I also like the fact that this pitcher/filter filters out the majority of known carcinogens and microorganisms. No other filter I know of goes that far. That's something to shout about.


I wanted something to filter out the fluoride and found Epic after a lot of searching the web and reading reviews. It has lived up to the reviews, and given me peace of mind. The water filters quickly enough for what it does and is easy to pour and store in the refrigerator. Another big plus is the automatic renewal every three months.

Great water filter and pitcher

Initial review-
The filter was easy to set up. Once it got rolling it only takes an hour or so to fill it. I didn’t time it.
The water tastes great.
The little spout cover flips up as you pour and it pours easily, as long as you don’t push it.
The round shape of the pitcher is easier to clean than square shapes, so that’s nice.
I did notice too issue with the fit of parts.
The whole lid snaps on and is held with a small lip. If you pour too hard or bump the lid while handling it can come loose. The overlap should hold stronger.
Also, there’s a clip-on strip of plastic to cover the opening along the length of the handle. It's held in place at the bottom by a tab. At the start, I couldn't get it to stay on and kept bumping it off. Since then I've been able to avoid it. It’s important this cover can come off in case dirt or mold gets inside the handle, but the tab should be made better.
The handle itself makes the pitcher easy to control and balance when pouring.
Looking forward to many years of use.

great product

swift sending and happy knowing flouride being removed from my water!

Very nice : Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

This filter works great! The water is really fresh tasting. Generally I keep one large bottle filled and 6 smaller ones (they travel). When all of them are empty I can refill them all with only a short wait for the filter pitcher to be ready again. It filters really quickly.

Bought this as a gift!

The filter was great! I bought this as a gift to the person who introduce me to epic. I will keep buying

The second filter we received did not work as well sometimes the water wouldn’t filter through other times it did, we just received the next filter and we will see how that works. The initial filter that came with the pitcher worked great

Epicwater Filters...Epicservice!

Communication, ordering, delivery, product...5 stars across the board. This is a great product and the replacement offer on the bottle when smashed is great, quick and efficient. Highly recommend this product and company to everyone!

Super Durable Bottle

I can’t say enough about the quality of the filters... And this bottle is excellent for its large capacity and ability to take a beating while protecting the actual filter.

New Favourite Water Bottle

Water tastes good again! I actually look forward to refilling my drink bottle finally (chronic self dehydrator) Amazing product!

Epic water filter

Amazing!! The water tastes completely different !! Great value for money, my entire family have now also bought this item, after drinking water from mine.

Amazing water bottle and filter

I love my 48 oz nalgene OG water bottle and filter. Now I have no excuse to drink correct amount of water! I love the clean refreshing taste of the water. Thank you for Great customer service! So good to have American made items!

Great bottle and great filter!

We have crappy water at my work, but I need to stay hydrated. Bringing enough reusable bottles of water for the day is too heavy to carry and plastic water bottles are not good for the environment. In comes EPIC water filter’s Urban to the rescue! Good, clean water with no bulky, heavy extra water bottles to lug around. Easy to drink from and I can get almost all the water from the bottle (see picture). But with a reusable filter, it’s not a big deal, just fill it again!

Great Water Filter

Easy enough to order, fast shipping, easy to put in the pitcher, water tastes good, no complaints!

Water water everywhere now a good drink

Gift for grandson. Pleased with it. Traveling the United States all of 2020 in homemade camper

Happy so far

I was in the market to replace my older filtering water bottles of a different brand. I knew I didn't want plastic and was pleased to come across this glass bottle option. I like all the features as well as the wider opening at the top for easier cleaning. The flow of water when drinking through the straw is also much easier than the previous brand of bottle I had been using.

Great Customer Service and product

Ordered a blue Eco_Titan water bottle (really wanted the purple but they were out of stock and wanted it for Christmas...which of course came in stock the day after I ordered it LOL). Whey trying to sign up for the replacement filter subscription I accidentally ordered a second blue bottle. I called customer service and they immediately sent me the purple and I still got it in time for Christmas! Have only had it a few days but so far, I love it! Water tastes great and is absolutely no leak!

Great tasting H2O

Even though our water in Sydney is already great, the Epic Water filter removes the remaining impurities so the water is pretty much just water. I’m very happy with the filter and the bottle. Definitely recommending.

Epic Nalgene OG | 32 oz

Great product!

I love everything about this product and company. Highly highly recommend the pitcher and travel bottles ❤️

Mountain stream, refreshing!

It lives up to expectations, particularity when cold.

Great taste!

I bought this because a friend gave it a great review and I was in need of better tasting water. I’m a total water snob since that’s all I drink I’m not a soda or juice person. This did not disappoint the water taste great! I will definitely be buying the filter again!