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Beautiful clean water

I simply can't drink tap water any more, this filter gives you such clean water it's a night and day difference. It's not the cheapest system on the market but you are paying for quality. Highly recommend


makes the water taste so much better! easy & portable. highly recommend.

Great product!

Thankful this great product is available in Australia.

Epic water filter

Very happy with the water filter and thank you for the 15% off coupon.regards Gloria

Excellent product and great tasting water

I bought this product for the simple reason that i have breast cancer and i am trying to eliminate toxins from my drinking water-especially lead Thankyou for this product!

Great experience with Epic Nano Replacement Filter

We bought two jugs, one for us and one for ou boy who is studing in university.
We're very happy with the clean water it produced. We think every family should have one.

Excellent service & a great quality product!

Can't be happier! The water tastes a treat and so soft!

Replacement Filter purchase

Every aspect of the initial purchase and now replacement of the first filter has been very good, the water tastes very good and the chlorine smell we have at the source is gone


Epic water filters produce by far the best tasting water that I have ever come across. Beats the best performing bottled water hands down anyday! Although I am a bit concerned as to how long each filter will last, this is something that I will have to wait and see. So far so good!

Fluoride and the Pineal Gland.

I believe that fluoride has affected my Pineal Gland as my Circadian Rhythm is not functioning as it should.I have been to see many medical people in the last nine years and had no success.By purchasing the Epic Filter Jug I believe that by not ingesting so many contaminants will be start to my self healing. The Epic Filter Jug is easy to use and water has no odour and even looks cleaner.

Awesome Bottle

Super convenient, easy to use, and tasty filtered water! Can't go wrong. Especially if you drink a lot of water like I do, it's a perfect product for the gym. Highly recommend!

Epic Pure Jug Filter | Multi-packs
Annette F. (Canterbury, VIC, AU)
Superb water

Very happy. We live with bore water now it’s very drinkable

I could immediately taste the difference!

I am so impressed with the Epic filter - I received my order very quickly and could immediately taste the difference in my tap water - no more chlorine or other aftertastes. The jug looks great and fits nicely in my fridge door, so I now have delicious, fresh, chilled water all the time - no more weird tasting, piped-up refrigerator water or lugging home heavy bottles from the supermarket. I have used other well-known filters in the past and I think the Epic gives a much clearer water taste. Yes, it cost a bit more, but I think its well worth it. I also signed up for a replacement filter every three months which reduces the price. Very satisfied - thanks Epic, you have a terrific product.

The Escape | Glass Water Bottle with Filter 900ml
Ashley W. (Townsville, QLD, AU)
Love it - Be more careful than me!

I bought this water bottle for my upcoming breastfeeding journey, specifically to keep around the house. The size is awesome for that and it’s visually stunning! Grip is great too. My only error was bringing it on a camping retreat at 37 weeks pregnant and carrying it up a rocky hike to waterfalls... My balance was off for a moment and I dropped it, shattering (literally and a small piece of my heart as it was nearly brand new!) The grip helpfully held it all together until we could safely dispose of it, so that was a silver lining of the great design. I rescued the filter and will now be buying another. I love all the epic filter bottles I own!

Confidence In Clean, Pure water

I got this filter several months ago and I'm very happy with it. It has a fast drip through rate and I'm especially delighted that it gets 99%+ fluoride out of the water, a feature that other cartridge units don't have. I would recommend this filter to anyone.

Great Filter

Love this filter, water tastes great

The Answer | Hydro Flask
Joseph B. (Perth, WA, AU)
I loved it so much! But....

Dude I was so happy with my new epic filters filter for my hydroflask, I had it for a couple of days and it got STOLEN from my work. I work at a public pool as a lifeguard and someone walked past and grabbed it. Hoping it finds its way back to me but if not I’ll have to get a new hydroflask and wait until my next filter subscription arrives.

Awesome product and can’t wait to get my next one

The Escape | Glass Water Bottle 700ml
Natalie (Auburn, NSW, AU)
Epic Water is Fantastic!

I’d highly recommend epic water for all of your water bottle needs.
The Escape | Glass Water Bottle 700ml - is made of glass, has a lid and a filter, which is perfect for me.
Delivery was also quick.

Love it

I bought 2 jugs, one for the office and one for home, and I am loving them. I haven't had straight tap water since.

Excellent taste and service

We've been super pleased with our water filter pitcher. We're also happy with the service and regular filter delivery. I just wish there would be better way to recycle the filters.:) Thank you

Epic Pure Jug Filter | Multi-packs
Matt (Lilyfield, NSW, AU)
The best

I've be using these filters and system for over 5 years now. I am very happy with EPIC.

Epic Pure Jug Filter | Multi-packs
DOUG H. (Perth, WA, AU)

Beautiful, clean non-chemical water. So much better than any other jug filter on the market

Epic water filter

Epic water is just that- water tastes SO good! Can't bring myself to refill my water bottle at the water cooler at work anymore, it's awful!!! Epic water is the best!!!

You can taste the difference

Effective filter and good customer service

Epic Smart Shield
William P. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
That’s some high quality H20

This is the absolute best tasting Water filter I have used . Tastes even better then my kitchen RO water
Definitely recommend. Just do it, it’s the best out there.