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You Can See & Taste The Purity

My boys & I are big water drinkers; which is great, except for all the chemicals in tap water. Epic just looks & tastes so pure & delish ! Friends who are not big water drinkers, head straight for our Epic filter jug whenever they visit, because it’s so nice to drink.

My indoor plants were struggling, so I stated watering them with our Epic filtered water ..... they’re lovely & healthy again now.

We also give our cats Epic filtered water now.

It filters very quickly & the filters last 4 to 6 months ( even though we go through A LOT of water!). We love it !

good filter. great taste

Very good.

Great purchase

This seems like the only filter that ticked all the boxes I was looking for. The delivery was really quick and there isn't any issue so far.

Happy customer

We’ve been really happy with our epic water filter. The water tastes great!

So far so good

Received Pure pitcher 9 days ago. So far so good. Water tastes great and filtration is a breeze

Fantastic product!

We are in a rural area on rain water and also bore water. We are also surrounded by farms that use / spray many toxic chemicals. With two young children we were concerned about pesticide residue ending up in our water, not to mention all the other nasties. After much searching on the internet this was the only product that removed ALL of the things we were concerned about. It works so well that my family are now happily drinking much more water during the day knowing it is clean. This product is easy to use and filters quite fast considering. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking at a cost effective solution for having clean drinking water!

Great water jug

The water tastes lovely, I'm really happy with my purchase!


My son is pretty discerning when it concerns water bottles. He likes the Vostok I purchased for him. Finally he’s drinking and refilling on the go. Cheers!

Whole Family Happy with the Epic Nano Water Jug

We take our Nano water jug with us now whenever we go on a day trip or holiday. So easy to pack with our luggage and then use when we arrive at our holiday location. We love the fresh taste of the water no mater where we travel. Thank you Epic Team.... I just placed an order for some more replacement filters. Very Happy with our purchases and Highly Recommend these to anyone who is Healthy Conscious. Leanne and Family :-)

Very nice water filter

In this day and age it’s pretty handy to have such water purifier on the kitchen bench. We use it extensively from tea making to lemonade to coffee. Worth the trouble to get one. Plus it’s a stylish look with the ice blue colour!

A la votre sante 👍



Water tastes great! With ease of mind the water is safe to drink, especially from fluoride.

Jug and escape water bottle

I highly recommend these products. I am loving having filtered water at home with the Epic Pure water filter jug. There is no taste or smell with water from the filter. The glass water bottle is so good. Love not having to touch the mouth piece and that you can close the lid. Awesome product.

water quality

Water don't have fluoride taste and clean.

Epic Pure Water Filter Jug | Removes Fluoride

Best water ever!

I discovered Epic Water pitchers when looking for a filter that would do more than Britta. My daughters were worried about hexavalent chromium in our Lake Michigan water. Epic was the only filter that removed it. I even wrote to the company making sure of that. They quickly replied that, yes, Epic filters removed it. I ordered a pitcher and WOW, was I thrilled at the taste of the water. I use it daily, all day long. I bought each of my daughters their own pitchers and we all use them constantly. No more bottled water for any of us.

Great water filter

I’ve used this water filter pitcher for more than a year. It continues to make fresh delicious water. In fact, when people came to visit pre-covid, they liked our water so much they purchased one for themselves. I have not had a problem with slow filtering. I run the tap to make sure it’s cold before filling the pitcher. There is 3 of us including the dog and I replace the filter about every 3-4 months.

Clean water

Not much else to say really given how valuable the peace of mind of having clean water these days is. Jug filter lasts 3-4 months regularly (2 people, cooking and drinking) and the refills aways arrive on time. Very satisfied.

Would not change a thing

It's perfect! The weight, the design, the material. Congrats

Superior water purifier***

I bought epic nano filter because of its very impressive functional water pitcher purifier. In this difficult time because of covid19 pandemic, I thought of giving my family extra protection on the water we drink. I used to buy bottled water for the last twenty two years I have been NY. And upon watching my cost I realized of buying a more effective water purifier at at cost that wont hurt my pocket. I tried researching, googling around several water purifiers and non of them par with what I have on my mind, a water purifier that would not only remove unhealthy sediments but kill the bacteria/viruses that could affect one’s health. But alas! Upon thorough searching and reading all the water purifiers online, I finally found the answer to my needs- EPIC NANO WATER PITCHER PURIFIER. I was so happy because it came in a very practical and reasonable cost. I live in a high rise condo unit apartment in Flushing and certainly I cannot trust the water system of the building. The water from the faucet tastes not palatable to my taste and has an after taste (like rusty) plus an annoying smell as well. In the past I have tried Brita but did not work on me. Same as Zero. There s no problem w these products but with the kind of water being purified. None of tge water purifiers I had tried worked very well than EPIC NANO. I was impressed because it turned my unhealthy drinkingwater into a haven of fresh purified and safe water that was unthinkable for me. All its characteristics as explained in the website is true because of my living testimony. I can now drink the water from my faucet (thru EPIC NANO FILTER) without fear. I used to have a gassy upset feeling everytime I drink filtered water of other brands (thats why I stopped using them) but now I feel energize everytime I drink water from my EPIC NANO water pitcher. The water is clear, clean and tastes fresh until its last drop past 90 days. Roght now I have already purchased three (3) units for myself and two sons with families of their own. By the way, I have an 18 mos grand daughter who has been weaned from distilled water by the pedia and was recommended to switch to regular top water. She is now consuming the purified water from EPIC NANO without causing any side effect on her very young digestive system. I am not only happy with this product but very much appreciated the excellent customer service who tried to meet and make up to some untoward incidents in shipment in my first order (happened to receive a broken pitcher). Upon bringing up to the manufacturer’s attention, a replacement water pitcher (compete set w new filter was immediately shipped to me free of charges. Thank you so much and You deserve a thumb’s upppp!!!Great product, great customer service, satisfaction guaranteed!!!!Thank you!!

Epic filter

Good product


I am very happy with my water filter I did my research before purchasing, and this ticked all the boxes. I can honestly say I can taste the difference. The last test is how long the filter will last can not say at the moment. Thank you Epic for now I am an happy customer.

We love these filters in this company we have one in our studio one at our house one for her mother-in-law and we travel with one, we live in Vermont so were used to very good water and we are disappointed everywhere we travel but not anymore!

Better than expected

Super fast delivery-with great communication from customer service all the way through checking I was happy with everything. Water filter exceeded my expectations-gorgeous to look at and great quality. Easy to set up and water is delicious. It was a present for my son who is really happy with it. I’ve subscribed to get refill cartridges delivered every few month’s. Really great company to do business with. Highly recommend.

Love it!

No more hauling water up to the cabin! That was the real test for me. The water there tastes so bad you don't even want to brush your teeth with it, let alone make coffee or ice cubes. Now we have zero issues or worries, saving us loads of back breaking work too!

Easy to install and great customer service

The Epic team is incredibly responsive to questions. The under sink mount and filter was easy to install and to run the line to our separate drinking water faucet. We can tell a difference in the taste of our water and are very pleased with this product.