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Best pitcher/filter we ever bought.

We are very happy with the pitcher and with the filter as it lasted longer than three months for two people having coffees/teas all day long. We received our first replacement filter right on time, having been given the opportunity to delay the delivery. We are very happy with the service.

Clean water on the go

You can have pure, clean water no matter where you travel. The glass bottle is very light weight and protected by the rubber holder.

Delivered on time as promised

Set up auto delivery when I bought it. Love the Epic pitcher. It's a little slower than Britta, but not a problem. And in the long run Epic is less expensive than Britta since you use the filters longer.

I am very pleased with your product

Very Solid Water Bottle

This is a solid water bottle, great filter and awesome tasting clean water. I looked at reviews before buying and there were some comments about the lid leaking. I have found that this does happen and the seal could be better designed. Love the way the water tastes!

Taste the difference!

Yes, I could taste the difference in my city water right away. I've been researching and trying different products for a while now, but with Epic all that work stops. Now, I'm just enjoying reaching for my new pitcher for a fresh and clean glass of water throughout the day. I no longer have to worry about when to change the filter either. The counter on my pitcher lets me know how long I've been on a filter, and the subscription program automatically sends the new filter I need. So wonderful.

Escape | Glass Water Bottle

Convenient, fits in cup holder, everyone asks about it.

Great product

I love the water filter. The water tastes fresh once it passes through the filter. And the automatic refill feature was right on time

Epic Water Filter Replacement

Arrival was on time. Product was in good condition and works as well as the first the first filter.

Best Water Bottle EVER

I love my water bottle!! I was nervous after reading some of the reviews but I don’t have any issues with mine!

Best filter water bottle

I've tried several filter water bottles over the years, and this is the best. The other bottles I've tried leak after drinking and frequently have air leaks making it harder to get water through the straw. This bottle has a superior valve that allows in air while drinking without any leaks. It requires some force to suck water though the straw, but not so much that it's too difficult. I used the bottle on a trip to Norway, drinking from mountain streams several times without issue. The bottle is rugged and easy to attach to a backpack. Very happy with the purchase.

Great filter water bottles

Bpa free water bottles and is able to carry good amount of water. Great to know the filter works for bacteria and parasites.

Great product and filter

Working in Alaska on a commercial fishing boat we use the city water and I can’t stand the taste of the chlorine or whatever they put in the water to clean it. I bought this filter which was delivered in a timely manner considering the fact I’m In a remote town in Dutch harbor Alaska in the Aleutian islands. No shipping charge was a bonus as well. Thanks again for a great product and much better tasting water. 5 stars

A new day in water

So happy to finally see a filter that answers our needs, and we feel great about our kids using. Highly recommended

Best water bottle with a filter

Well worth the money I use it everyday and still impressed with the build quality and pure taste

These filters are AMAZING!

I've been usin Epic Water Filters for around 4 months, and what a difference and convenience it has been. I work out in remote villages in AK where the water conditions aren't always the best. But no matter where I fill my water bottle up from, Epic Water Filters have back!


Easy to use and water tastes wonderful!

Man of Steel

I absolutely love this bottle, I can taste the difference in my water and I have confidence that the water I’m drinking is perfectly clean. The bottle is extremely durable and perfect for hiking and outdoor sports and activities. The only reason I don’t give it more stars is because it doesn’t keep my water cold for long, if I add ice to the bottle. The water stays cold for about an hour. I really like how it’s designed to fit snuggly and comfortably in your hand. I would recommend this bottle to anyone who’s looking for a way to have a clean water anywhere they go or if your just looking for a cool water bottle this is a great option and you can look cool
While you’re driving out of this strong yet sleek bottle!

Replacement filter is a winner!

The filter cartridge for my Epic Smart Shield had gotten seriously clogged up and water pressure was very low - a sign the filter was doing its job! I got the new one in the mail, popped it in, let it run for 5 minutes, and voila - lots of clean water! Love this setup!

Love it!

These filters make water taste fresh and clean!

Great Filter

This is the best Epic filter to date!

So far so good

The filter has been performing well so far. No issues with the straw as some other reviews mentioned. It is no longer held on by glue. It is not too difficult to draw water though and I have found that I am actually drinking more water than I used to. No issues with the quality of the lid. I have been using it for three weeks now. I plan to buy replacement filters.

So happy to have this!

I was needing a water filter for several months, as my undersink one needed work done I didn't know how to do, and I kept putting it off.I was feeling like I was betraying my cats and myself drinking the tap water, as I hear rumors it is surely not that pure.
Finally I sprung for this one after researching several and the water difference is truly noticable! it "tastes" "thinner", as in devoid of contaminants. It was reasonably priced and arrived quickly .Thank you.

Amazing product and amazing customer service

This team is one of the most helpful support teams I've ever met. The water is amazing and any problem I've had they've responded promptly and have treated me with care and kindness. HIGHLY recommend this product