Chloropicrin Water Filter

Chloropicrin in the past was used as a chemical weapon, utilized mostly by the Germans in WWI. Since then, Chloropicrin has been used as a reagent in the synthesis of organic chemicals, in the manufacture of methyl violet, and as a fumigant for stored grain. Chloropicrin is sometimes added to other chemicals as a “warning agent”—due to its strong odor, adding it can increase the detect-ability of other less perceptible chemicals (think about natural gas, they add mercaptan to it so that it smells like rotten eggs).

Chloropicrin can also form as a by-product of the water treatment process, but reduces quickly to chloroform during treatment when chlorine reduction agents are added into the mix. 

Health Impact of Chloropicrin

Chloropicrin is highly toxic with exposure, causing eye and skin irritation, vomiting, respiratory damage. Large exposure can lead to lung fluid accumulation, unconsciousness, and death. So try not to drink a glass of it. Right now, the carcinogenic potential of chloropicrin is unknown; in scientific studies, animals exposed have not survived long enough to develop tumors.

Currently the only Epic Water Filters product tested for the removal of Chloropicrin is the Epic Smart Shield under sink filter:

Epic Smart Shield: 99% Reduction