(Aka Picking up Trash)

Our resident Australian, Ash (Co-Founder of Epic) aptly named our monthly creek cleanups: Emu-bob. In Australia, this is a popular phrase that refers to picking up trash. It's named after the emu and the way they bend their necks to the ground in search of food, or in the case of humans, in search of litter.

Even in beautiful Boulder, Colorado our towns and water sources are not without litter. The Boulder Creek, which runs down from the mountains and through town, is only growing more polluted as each year passes. While we may not be able to entirely solve this problem, we can at least mitigate it. (At least, that's how we see it.)

We love our home and our community, and think it's important to find meaningful ways to give back to it and to care for it. After all, it is our home. And I'm not sure how many people would consciously walk past a pile of garbage in their house without picking it up. So, we just extended that mindset to our greater home, our town. And if we want to talk big picture, our planet. Now, we can't all control what happens in other parts of the world, but we can certainly set an example in our small neck of the woods.  

Each cleanup we do, more businesses and individuals step in to help and support. We've seen a small act grow, and we are excited to keep watching it do so.

If you live in the area, follow us on Instagram for updates. And if you don't, still follow us and let us know how you're making an impact in your community. We would love to see how you get emu-bobbing. And we will keep you all posted with the impact that even a small team like ours can make. 

When one person makes a difference, it may not seem like a lot. But each person that steps to join in really does add up.

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