The Epic Everywhere Filter

Here is a quick overview of the filter and the instructions for use. Our new filter is designed with our latest multi-layered filter media, called CoreXchange TechnologyTM. We designed it this way because there are thousands of potential contaminants in our tap water and we have found that after years of testing and usage, some filtration media are better at removing certain types of contaminants over others. With this in mind, we have designed a layered approach of different types of filter media into one filter. This multi-layered filter will target both tap water (Chlorine, Microplastics, Lead, PFAS, etc.) as well as outdoor water contaminants (Bacteria, Virus, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, etc.).


Instructions For Use (See diagram for references)

  1. Filter casing (2) Straw adapter (3) Filter cartridge

  1. This filter works best when the media has been pre-saturated with water. Remove the filter cartridge (3) from the filter body (1) by turning counter clockwise the straw adapter (2) to the unlocked position. Then remove the filter cartridge by simply pulling the cartridge (3) from the straw adapter (2). 
  2. To activate the filter, please soak the filter in a bowl of filtered water for five minutes. If you do not have access to filtered water, please run water over the outside of the filter via your tap. Do this for at least 60 seconds. In absence of both of the options, you can also fill up your water bottle and install the filter the regular way and let the filter sit at the bottom of the bottle for five minutes before drinking. Soaking the filter in a bowl of filtered water is our preferred method.
  3. Fill up your water bottle (leave some room for the filter), connect the filter to straw like you normally do. Drink normally.


Replacing Filter Cartridge

  1. Pull the filter off of the straw.
  2. Open the top of the filter by twisting the top of the filter counter clockwise. Pull the used filter cartridge off of the straw adapter. Push the new filter cartridge onto the straw adapter. Attach a new filter cartridge to the straw adapter and place into the filter casing. Turn the straw adapter clockwise to lock into place.
  3. Fill up your water bottle, reconnect the filter to straw. Drink normally. Do not tilt bottle above your head when drinking. Drink bottle like you are drinking from a glass of water with a straw. 
  4. Hang on to used filter cartridges and sign up for our filter recycle program to get free filters.