We don't know about you, but at Epic, we love Fall time. The leaves change color, the Aspens are a brilliant gold, and it means trips to the pumpkin patch with hayrides and hot apple cider.

We recently took a trip to our local pumpkin patch as a team and found ways to keep hydrating festive. Because after a day of picking pumpkins and finding ourselves (or losing ourselves) in a corn maze, we were parched. And it's not the kind of thirst that apple cider can quench (sad, we know).


Here are some ways you can incorporate filtered water into all your Fall festivities:

Grab one of our Artist Series Bottles and get inspired when you decorate your pumpkins.

Use your Pure Pitcher for the best filtered water when you make your own apple cider. (Hint: It does taste better with filtered water. We've tried.)

Bring your bottle with you when you're trick or treating, and do your sugar hangover the next day a favor. We feel the Melon Ball OG is the most appropriate.

Fill up from your faucet with our Smart Shield & ensure all your tea and pumpkin flavored coffee is of the highest caliber.


& Finally, enjoy some photos of our trip below. 

What creative ways do you stay hydrated during the holidays?