World Rivers Day is September 26

A Brief Background

World Rivers Day was founded in 2005 by Mark Angelo in the aspiration to spread awareness of the many values that rivers provide and the ways in which we can protect them from growing threats.

Learn more about it here.

Our Connection

Being based in Boulder, CO we are far from the ocean. Creeks and rivers shape our landscape and not only provide water to surrounding states and countries, but support keystone species. With more wildfires and less rainfall in the west, these precious waterways are dwindling away. It’s important to be aware of this growing problem, and we believe it’s important to opt for solutions that combat this.

Make a Difference

Keeping single use plastics out of rivers and creeks, and filling up from your tap (with filtered water, of course) are some great ways to make a difference and stay water conscious.

Partake in a creek or river cleaning event in your area or start your own with some friends and family! By engaging with your local environment in this way, it's easier to develop a deeper caring for it and to be more conscious in your everyday life about our impact on it.

There are many others making a difference in their own ways, big and small. We recently highlighted an inspiring individual from our area, Matt Moseley. He recently swam 63.7 km in the Green River in Utah to raise awareness around droughts and their effects on our declining water sources.

Read about his story here.

Our waterways need our stewardship. They are beautiful and provide a precious resource, clean water, to so many communities. We believe it's worth taking a little time to clean them up and give them some love.

Will you join us?