With schools tentatively reopening for the fall, what's happened to the water that sat there for months while we were all at home? We love to stay in the loop on all things water related and found an interesting article on the downsides of water that's been sitting in pipes at schools while they have been relatively inactive this past spring. To read more on that, check out this article.

If you're not up for getting into the full article right now, here's an abstract: As with most things in life, movement is key. The same goes for water pipes. Normally, students and staff are bustling through halls and around campuses, making full use of the facilities and drinking fountains. Though, of course, this past spring painted quite a different picture as empty halls remained empty while the world learned from home. According to the article mentioned above, "When plumbing goes unused, water sits in pipes, where the level of leached metals and harmful bacteria colonies can increase." Oh no! Just what we all need, another thing to add to our collective worry list.

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The world is crazy enough, so let us make sure you have one less thing to worry about this coming fall. And keep the clean water coming.

Forrest G
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