Getting Ready for Plastic Free July

Appropriately following National Oceans Month is Plastic Free July! The plastic problem isn't only an issue on land, and we've all heard or seen (or both!) the implications this has on the ocean and the life within it. We can keep the spirit of National Oceans Month alive through the month of July by focusing on ways we can reduce our need for and use of plastics. So hopefully less plastic makes it into the ocean, and into our landfills. 

Plastic Free July was started by the Plastic Free Foundation who has visions of a plastic free world. They have some great resources and tips on how we can make both small and big changes to reduce our plastic use. Plastic isn't always a terrible thing, though, when it's used for a single use and then discarded into the trash, it quickly becomes a big problem.

Check out some ways below that you can reduce your plastic intake for July. It may just stick! 

Plastic Free Tips & Tricks


Store some reusable shopping bags in your car so you have them ready for shopping and can opt out of those plastic bags.


Bring a reusable coffee cup to your favorite local spot and use that instead of one that you will throw away in a few hours.


Invest in some reusable straws. They make some really fun ones now that even the kids will enjoy!



Buy in bulk when you can, or find ways to reuse plastic packaging and bottles. Two uses is better than one!

There are so many ways you can make a difference, whether at home, at school, at work, or with the businesses you support. For more ways you can reduce, check out the Plastic Free July Getting Started page.

You can also sign up to Take the Challenge and commit yourself to making a change next month along with so many others! We'll be making some of our own changes right along with you, in the work place and in our homes. So you won't have to do it alone ;) & Feel free to check out our Used Filter Recycling Program for how you can recycle your used filters responsibly.

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