Happy National Oceans Month!

We live on the blue planet. Whenever we look for life elsewhere in the sky, we always look for water, which is a really good sign that life is sure to ensue. It's hard to deny that humans have had a large impact on the ocean and the life that lives deep within it. While some of the news and facts are daunting, we can always make everyday choices that help to offset these effects. We can join forces with larger organizations who are taking big steps in the right direction, and lead a life that sets a good example for the generations to come. 

On June 8th, the world celebrates World Oceans Day. For more information and to learn how you can get involved, check out this website.

A lot of single use plastic is not disposed of responsibly and inevitably ends up in the ocean. Scientists and researchers are now finding that microplastics have inundated our lives and can be found even in the rain and in the snow in places like Colorado which are far removed from the ocean. 

Rolling Stone recently published an article on plastic and its pervasive nature in our world that is worth the read if you're feeling up to it.

It's hard to avoid plastic in its entirety, though there are some individuals who have successfully chosen to live with a zero waste mindset. It does take a certain amount of time, commitment, and money in order to live in this way and this isn't always available to each individual. Even if you can't make a drastic change like that in your life, you can still choose to be committed to recycling more, buying products that don't utilize as much plastic packaging or through voting with your dollar and supporting companies that are more environmentally minded.

However you choose to support the ocean throughout this month and on June 8th, take some time to reflect and dig a little deeper. We are happy to partner with Inland Ocean Coalition and support them in their efforts to create more awareness around these topics. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Inland Ocean Coalition proves that you don't have to be based near the ocean to care. We recently launched a new bottle designed by local Boulder artist, Phil Lewis, whose proceeds will go back to Inland Ocean Coalition to support them in their mission. The bottle was designed to show the importance of being ocean aware even if you don't live directly by the ocean. Show your ocean appreciation this month by opting out of single use plastic bottles and opt into something more sustainable. We are excited to be making changes in the ways we can along with the support from you!

Forrest G
Crazy about clean water, rocks (climbing them), and gardening

Show your support this month and support both a cause and a lifestyle that has the ocean in mind.