Not sure which filter to choose? This may help.

We have a few different filter options, and sometimes, it can be difficult to know which filter will work best for your needs. There are a few things to consider when choosing which filter to purchase, so hopefully, this will help outline the main differences between each of our filters and highlight the right one for you. 

Our most on-the-go friendly filters are our bottle filters, which includes the Urban and the Outdoor filters. 

We have a few different bottle options, but all of our bottles fit both the Urban and Outdoor filters, and they can always be swapped out. So say you really like having cold water and want to purchase the Vostok, but you tend toward the outdoors, so you want it with the Outdoor filter. Just make a note at purchase or send us an email and we can make sure your bottle comes with the filter you want. 

If you're not sure whether you want the Urban filter or the Outdoor one, here are a few things to consider ~

We recommend the Urban filter for every day use. It removes over 200+ contaminants, and to see a full list of what it removes just click here. While it doesn't remove as much fluoride as some of our customers would like (it removes about 30%), fluoride removal is really dependent on contact time with a filter, so since the water in your bottle hopefully won't be staying there for long ;), it doesn't interact with the filter as long as it would with, say, our pitcher filters. If you're really concerned about fluoride, then you could consider our Outdoor filter. Which brings us to .. the Outdoor filter!

We recommend the Outdoor filter for those who are serious about fluoride removal and/or for use in areas with questionable water. Our Outdoor filter removes 68% fluoride along with many other contaminants. To see that full list, click here. It is important to note that this filter is a bit harder to pull water through. That's because it's filtering out particulate at a sub micron level (!) which allows it to filter out potentially harmful things like bacteria, viruses, and cysts. It does get easier to sip through with use, but we generally reserve that filter for the days we want to get out and wild.

If you want something a little more stationary than our bottle filters, then our pitcher filters are the filters for you. Our Pure filter removes 97.88% of fluoride and crushes so many other contaminants too! Our pitchers are great for clean water at home, and they are small enough to take along with you camping. 

A lot of our customers ask us about the difference between the Pure and the Nano and which one they should purchase. While both pack in a big punch, they are designed for slightly different needs. Though, as is true with our bottle filters, they can always be interchanged, so if your needs change or you decide you'd like to try the other one, you can use both filters in your pitcher, regardless of which one you have.

We recommend our Pure filter for those with municipal water and for those who are serious about their fluoride removal. The Pure filter is designed for water sources that have already been treated. So this filter focuses on removing the rest of things in water that we are now finding out, aren't that great for us either.

If you have well water, live somewhere where bacteria in your water is a concern, or have hard water, then we recommend the Nano filter. The Nano filter does remove less fluoride, at 68%, but it removes bacteria, viruses, and cysts in addition to other contaminants. We've also noticed that our customers with hard water have much better luck with our Nano filter than with our Pure. It's also a great camping companion because you can fill up from a nearby lake or stream and ensure you're not drinking anything potentially harmful like bacteria, viruses, or cysts.

And finally, our home filtration. Our Smart Shield is a great system for homeowners and renters alike as it is designed to be easily removed without causing any damage under your sink. If you like to have clean water for cooking, for washing your veggies, or just like having filtered water from your tap, then this is a great option for you. The filters last much longer as well, so you only have to replace your filter once a year instead of every three months. So if you like not having to think about it, then this system could bring you more ease. This system is designed only for the cold water line, and you can always purchase our Dedicated Faucet Kit alongside it if you'd like to have one faucet specifically dedicated to filtered water. It will slightly reduce the flow rate of your water, by about 20%, but most of our customers don't notice a significant change in this. 

For anyone with hard water, we also highly recommend getting our Sediment filter, which filters the water and catches sediment before passing through the Smart Shield filter. This ensures your Smart Shield filter will last longer, and will help keep the flow rate faster. 

And last but not least is our newest edition to the lineup, our Fridge Filter. This is a great option for those who like to drink from their fridge's dispenser and have the ability to pull out their fridge and get to the water supply line behind it. Plus this means super filtered ice cubes, so you can feel better knowing your chilled drinks and smoothies don't have anything funky in them. 

I recently added this to my home filtration setup, and it took about ten minutes to install! Since the Epic filter is filtering the water before it reaches that fridge filter which sits inside your fridge, I opted to keep mine in and I haven't replaced it in a while. You can definitely choose to frequently replace that filter if you'd like, but your water will still be purified either way.

And our fridge filter only needs to be changed out every 2 YEARS! So it's not something you have to worry about often.


And of course, you can always get a few of our products to fit your various needs, and if you have any more questions before making a purchase, we are always here to answer them! Just email, and we are usually able to get back to you within 24 hours.


If you want to see more of our test results and certifications, you can find those here. Happy sipping!

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